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Nose Cam & Cockpit Cam with HUD (No Look to Apex)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Tommi-TAG, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Hello.
    This is a Camera Mod for F1 2012.
    This Mod is based on the default F1 2011 and F1 2012 camera settings + Nose Cam & Cockpit Cam with HUD (No Look to Apex).



    * Added "Nose Cam" & "Cockpit Cam with HUD".

    The following camera positions are available.

    - Cockpit Cam
    - Cockpit Cam with HUD [New]
    - T-Cam
    - T-Cam TV Pod
    - Nose Cam [New]
    - Chase Close
    - Chase Far
    - Bumper

    * No Look to Apex (for Cockpit Cam, Cockpit Cam with HUD, T-Cam, Nose Cam)

    * 2 FOV Settings (for Cockpit Cam, Cockpit Cam with HUD)

    - FOV 48.8440 : F1 2011's default FOV value for Cockpit Cam.
    - FOV 54.2770 : F1 2012's default FOV value for Cockpit Cam.

    < Note >
    Other cams use F1 2012's default FOV values.
    ( "Nose Cam" is based on the default T-Cam settings.)

    * 2 Seat Positions (for Cockpit Cam)

    - Seat Fore : Close to F1 2011 Seat Position.
    - Seat Back : Close to F1 2012 Seat Position.

    All cars' seat positions are adjusted to the proper positions.

    * Max Head Lock 47.8610 degrees for all cars (default value used for Red Bull, McLaren & Ferrari).

    Hope you will have a lot of fun with this Mod! :)

    <Nose Cam>

    <Cockpit Cam with HUD>

    Known Issues
    * "Nose Cam" positions are not optimized to the mirrors' positions.
    So, when you look left/right, the mirrors are not displayed correctly.

    * "TV POD (OFFSET)" name is not displayed correctly in "RACE SETTINGS" menu.

    * While using "Nose Cam", the camera position changes to "T-Cam" after Flashback.

    Thanks to all authors and modding community. Without their support this Mod could not have been done.

    * Thanks to Gulbroz for "Bin to Xml Converter"

    * Thanks to Fergo for "BinXML"

    * Thanks to Petar Tasev (aka Ryder25) for hosting and updating Modding Tools and information.

    * Thanks to Chad Smith2 for "Binary xml converter" tutorial, the first tutorial from which I learned about the camera modding for Codemasters titles.

    * And thanks to NoGrip.

    * About how to enable HUD for Cockpit Cam, I refered to the following thread at RaceDepartment.
    Thanks to everyone of RaceDepartment modding community.

    And thanks to RaceDepartment.

    * Thanks to Codemasters for F1 2012.

    * Please refer to the Readme included in the archive.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2016
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  2. Thank you Tommy!!!! Nice work!!!
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  3. Thank you very much for your kind comment, parginos.
    This is very basic camera mod though, I sincerely appreciate your kind encouragement :) !
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  4. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Nice work, good that you're uploading stuff. The Dirt 2 racing mod you did way back was great, you shouldn't have waited so long to release.

    Keep going! :thumbsup:
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  5. Excellent stuff Tommi, nicely packaged :)
    I specially like you nose cam, it reminds me of an old IndyCar racing game I loved back in the 90's :cool: cheers mate !
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  6. Thank you very much for your kind comment, Ryder25.
    Racing Mod had been my dream since the first DiRT 1. And thank to your Database Editor, my dream had come true !
    I'll never forget my appreciation to you and the community to make these modding possible.
    Thank you again :) !
  7. Thank you very much for your kind comment, blanes.
    I also love 90s and early 00s old formula games and simulations and like the atmosphere of the nose cam too.
    So, I'm really glad to be able to share this enjoyment with you and everyone.
    Thank you again :) !
  8. Thanks for this mod, Tommi.
    Just tried and liked your new nose cam very much.
    But about no look to apex, I usually use TV cam and like its original camera movement.
    Is it possible to change its settings for each cam ?
    Sorry for my question, but it would be nice if you can.;)
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  9. Gonna test it nice work :sneaky:
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  10. Thank you very much for your kind feedback and suggestion, Larry76. And I'm glad you like nose cam too.
    This Mod includes 4 files (2 Fov x 2 Seat positions), so I added only No Look to Apex version to make it as simple as I can.
    On the other hand, I agree the default T-Cam is very well adjusted (Look to Apex value 2.0000) and I feel good about it.
    I can edit default Look to Apex (2.0000) version as well, and would like to try and test it. Please give me a little more time.
    Thank you :) !
  11. Thank you very much for your kind comment, Sebastian Kunze.
    I hope you like this Mod too. And if there is any problem, please let me know.
    Thank you again :) !
  12. I just raced and I really like the cams specially the cockpit with the Hud :) Thank you!
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  13. Thanks for you kind feedback again.
    I'm really glad to hear you like it.
    I learned about how to eneable HUD here at RD forum.
    I also thanks to RD modding community too :) !
  14. Thank you. This should be very fun to use indeed.
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  15. I'm sorry my reply is late.
    And thanks for your kind comment, DrRobert :) !
  16. Anyone try the nose cam with triple monitors yet? I have a very similar camera but i can still see the steering wheel/driver gloves on screen.
  17. Thank You. Now it looks much better
  18. Thanks mate...that works like the champ!
  19. link is dead :-(
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  20. Thanks for your interest and letting me know, wikke1984.
    I've updated my first post. And you can download the Mod from the new link.
    I edited this Mod about 4 years ago. And at that time, I didn't have enough knowledge and experience about Codemasters Camera Modding. So this Mod is dated to be honest, sorry. Please use the Mod if it's ok for you.
    Hope this helps. :)
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