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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Richard Birchall, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Anyone noticed the use of skipping out lap on Nordscheilfe by going out of the pit lane the wrong way?
    I was online last ight and just watching few people on monitor to see people's racing lines and techniques, saw 2 people going out of the pit lane wrong way to start there timed lap..

    Just wondering how dodgy this could be for qualifying if a lot of people on the server :smirk:
  2. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    seen it a lot. people who join with 8 mins to go usually.
  3. That's happened to me on more than one occasion online. Why can't they just stay put in the pits if they can't set a time? I mean, the track's 20km long, for Pete's sake! Dirty cheaters. :tsk:
  4. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    exactly. because obviously that 30m extra forward to start makes all the difference.

  5. lol, when I came from my GTR2 past and its 24h SPA races (vs. the AI), I also was shocked with that for a few minutes… then all explained itself.

    It is very common as a lap at the Nord is very long, and on a GTP class car, it takes about 6.30 minutes (or 6.40 to 7.10 with the other GT classes, or yet, about 7.20 with the wtcc classes). If one would do a 2 lap qualifying in there, 1 slow lap when exiting the box (8 to 9 minutes) plus the qualifying lap itself, roughly around 7 minutes (taking into account every class), one would take about 15 minutes just to do a timed lap (counting it went well). Wish for a qualifying session on the average public server (duration between 30 - 45 minutes) gives you the chance of doing 2 to 3 laps (admitting you were there since the beginning) wish is tight...

    Also, following your way of thinking, one must do also the slow down lap (so for every Q lap, one should do 3) wish takes the time for about 21 minutes on average just to do 1 timed lap, and we are now talking about 1 to 2 max Q laps in the Nord ;)

    Notice that when you race the Endurance Nurburgring, you can exit the box, do a “Shortened” GP lap, go through the line and then do a timed lap on the full track.

    Server rules, what were the server rules? What was the server’s name?

    If it was a public server, I know of 2 who are the most successful (this successful is regarding the number of people who virtual race there), one of them is even my favorite “Nord” server, and in any of them, doing a “1 lap Q” isn’t against the server rules.
    Actually only newbie’s don’t do it, or when one is testing specific setup changes who don’t need a clock, or yet, when (there is less then x time to do a lap and) one is only warming up.
    I’ve also done a few “closed” 120 minuts events (with practice, qualifying and so on) at the Nord, and that behavior was also accepted, actually, everyone did it

    No problem, regularly we have 25 even 30 racers there… it’s very rare to have someone crap others Q lap while exiting the box. My advice is obviously to race with name tags (so you can see the others approaching Tiergarten) or even with the mini-map on…

    Btw, I assume you know collisions aren’t possible in box or near its exit

    lol, you are both joking, right? I don’t see the “lol” or anything of the type… but I assume you are both joking.

    Anyway, just for example and to crunch some numbers, with the C6R I do 30 with fuel for one lap (the ”big advantage” of going backwards in pit lane) wish is less 5 to 7 seconds then when I’m racing with 100L onboard… my guess is that with 25L my time should be about 32 (more 2 seconds), with 34L (fuel for 3 laps) the time is about 34 wish isn’t bad taking into accout you are talking about a 6 ½ minutes lap. I don’t do them, but if I did a “time attack”, where there is no tire degradation and the driver is “droped” on the track before tiergarten, my guess the time could come down to 29 or 28, who knows…

    Anyway, grid position is only “important” for Sprint racing, as on contrary to "popular” believe, there are very few overtaking points on the Nord. With endurance race, the main reason behind the GTP class, a race setup is by far much, much more important ;)

    Sorry , another long post…
  6. Well, it certainly wouldn't be allowed in an event here at RD.
  7. I agree with Tanaka here, unless its a supahdubah long event with everything arranged for 25+ people I would encourage it even. Just keep eye out when exiting pits...as always anyway.
  8. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    get your point tanaka. ^^^ key word: sarcasm :p:D
  9. When I am doing practise I will do that. It's way to much effort spending 6 minutes doing a warm-up lap. Online I won't, however I have never done an online race around the ring.
  10. I don't really think it's a problem if people exit the pits the wrong way. Like said in previous posts, the easiest thing is just have a look at your mini-map before you exit and be careful.
    If you don't look out for other drivers, you're just as likely to wreck someone while exiting the pits in the right direction as in the wrong direction.
  11. Have seen a couple of collisions of people just spinning out rather that look before you leap approach. But yes Tanaka it was a Public server. Forgotten the Server name.
    But As it seems for most Servers running the Nordscheilfe you loose Host connection alot.. Annoying but DO get some chance to practice. I prefer Using the Radical over Most of the other cars, not much top end but Good Handling :)
  12. I always go the wrong way out the pits on Nord, it may not be right be the chances of getting round twice without a incident is low!

    If your already passed the start line in the pits (the garages towards the first corner) you have to go the long way and do 2 laps.
  13. When that happens, just reconnect and X your fingers :D
  14. I do lol!