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Misc No "understeer FFB effect" Mod 1.1

ffb slip angle codemasters understeer

  1. Dmitry Zaharov submitted a new resource:

    No understeer mod - ffb slip angle codemasters understeer

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  2. gracias!!!!!!!!!
  3. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    I actually never tried this is 2012 as i just couldn't get used to my DFGT. Now that 2013 feels much better on a pad, ill have to see how i get on. Maybe i will use your mod. Ill say thanks in advance if i find it works for me ;)
  4. I tried this i have fanatec CSW and f1 rim when i use this i have hardly any ffb for some reason what wheel you using ?
    My in game setting are 10% envo !00% ffb dont matter if i have this to 10 or 100 feels the same and wheel weight 0%.
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  5. no understeer mod ... xDDD
  6. it works :) thanks
  7. Very good trick.....also in my opinion,now, the car physic is more enjoyable!:)
  8. Anyone got this working with a g27?
  9. Thank you Dmitry.
  10. runĀ“s not for me. i slip every curve :( Need i a new Profile ?
  11. SandroX

    Reiza Studios

    I have G27 and this mod take no effect at all.
  12. Strange, I also have g27 playing on PC. After installing this mod my FFB is almost completly gone. Just like William Moody described.
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  13. Thank you!
    Better than before!
  14. i slip every curve too with this mod. Not woking
  15. It still can oversteer right? XD
  16. Sorry but you may be confused about understeer as this file has no effect on that.

    On my Fanatec PWTS all this file does is remove the FFB effects whilst cornering and in the process makes the wheel feel dead.

    It does feel lighter and hence maybe why you think it is decreasing understeer. I ran several tests and the car will still understeer if you enter a corner at an incorrect or too high speed and it is also dependant on the track and tyre wear.

    I am trying to be constructive as the title of the mod is very misleading.
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  17. blanes is right! all this mod does is eliminate the ffb when your front tires start slipping and not the car pyhsics itself!
  18. The problem is that they are not slipping at the point of effect activation but just by themselves :) They can slip and there will be no indication or there can be false activation when there are tons of grip :)
  19. then maybe your wheel is set up wrong? let me guess degree of rotation at 270 or below ? because when i use 270 i have also a very strange ffb effect when the front tires start to slip! 300-330 feels better! im using a t500 rs btw...
  20. I'm running 370 steering lock. Lower steering lock makes car very nervous.