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NO-Tier Career mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by koeloe, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. ****No-tier_career_mod****

    Very simple database tweak to remove the effect of tier changes between seasons:

    1. The included database file has no other changes, so if you use your own custom database just copy and past the tier values
    from 'ai_engine_power_per_tier' to your database.

    2. Set all the values in 'ai_tier_characteristics' (Control, Speed_In, Speed_Out, Virtual_Performance) to '1'

    Included is an spreadsheet with the values and the amount each tier has changed. You can play around with it and change single team performances as well.

    NOTE: You don't have to start a new career. It doesn't matter in what season you are, the performances will be similar to season 1.



    NO-Tier Career mod

    I can't seem to update my file here. This is v1.1 with correct simulated times. This will just be correct for the 1st season but as someone said the simulated times are buggered anyway.:(


    Version 1.2 with tier 3 teams slightly weaker:
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  2. This is great ;)
  3. Yeah, I've thought of that idea, but isn't the grid way too close now? (Haven't tested anything, just asking.)
  4. That's why you have to lower the engine power per tier. It's working fine for me with a couple of races into season 3. The only thing that might be buggered up is the virtual performance (if you fast forward sessions)

    I've changed the power of tier 2 cars to -10, tier 3 cars to -12 and tier 4 cars to -65.
  5. That was buggered anyway ;D
  6. I think if you leave the virtual performance as it is, the fast forward grid order will be more or less okay.
  7. - 1.0
  8. I can't get the new file loaded so I posted another link for V1.1 in the OP. It fixes the simulated times when you fast forward.
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  9. So this mod will mean I can play a career but the tier performances will stay the same season to season? even if you move teams etc?
  10. Yes, exactly. But you can still make teams better or weaker as you go along by changing the tier power values for each team.

    For instance I'm doing a fictional career with the Jordan team (Hrt) but I made them stronger similar to the Toro Rosso team. However I had to change my car to the TR car performance otherwise my teammate will be much better than me.;)
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  11. i think I will do a career now!

    Do your values still start out with 2012 performance?
  12. why are there 4 tiers per team?

    Which one do i change for any given team? What happens if a team changes tier after a season do you change a different value?
  13. Each team has a performance value depending what tier they are in.

    This is the only thing stopping me from playing a career. I tried to fix this for 2011 but even with all teams having the first season values set for all tiers, even at the end of the season when some teams jump or drop tiers it just screwed everything up and made it unrealistic. The code for making tiers change is most likely in the exe and can't be edited.

    I'm a bit skeptical, this sounds too good to be true haha.

    What do you mean by you had to change your car performance or your teammate would be too fast, koeloe?
  14. Just change the whole line with the same amount. I first thought the tiers were years but only 4?, I'm not sure.

    The team no. and tier values stay the same in the following years. Your progress through the years is somewhere in a save file; so in the 2nd season they will use the ai_tier_characteristics value for the tier they moved to.
  15. I just took the Toro Rosso ctf files in cars/tr2/track and rename and replace in the hrt folder. So my hrt has the same performance than the TR except no kers but that you can change in the database if you like.

    About the mod, the teams still change tiers, the effect is just eliminated as they all use the value '1'. If you don't change the power values the tier effect is still gone but they are all bunched together.:O_o:
  16. Ah I see. I'll try sim through a couple of seasons later and see for myself. Hopefully with this and once the safety car mod is done I'll finally be able to start a career. xD
  17. let me know your findings?

    I too want to start a career with this mod, but be able to tweak the performances of teams as I go through the years.
  18. My Friend got a problem with this Mod. Daniel Ricciardo on Pole at Melbourne with V 1.1 (Legend Difficulty ) and the Main contenders was out of Main Positions. Lewis P6, Sebastian P7, Button P14, Alonso P12, Webber P9, Massa P18.
    What should i do to this ?? Should i Restore Virtual Performance to Normal
  19. does changing engine power drastically alter the ai difficulty?
  20. Fast forwarding times will give odd results so you have to let the ai run real time.