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No rain drops

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Vangelis Parginos, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Since we have to play with a lot rain, i made a change to rain drops.
    Not so realistic but better for eyes :)

    First make a back up!!! And then replace the original file from
    F1 2012\postprocess\texturesets\RainBeads_textures.pssg
    with the one from zip.
    I try to upload it to RD but i was getting an error.



    No rain drops
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  2. Hello, parginos.
    Thanks for the release of this Mod.
    And this time, I'm really sorry for my asking.

    Just now, I've also edited the same kind of Mod and planned to release it as "Clear Rainscreen Mod" later today.
    Here is a preview pic of my Mod.


    My version also disables the water splashes effects too and it includes the following files.

    - Rain Droplets OFF - Splash OFF
    - Rain Droplets OFF - Splash ON
    - Rain Droplets ON - Splash OFF

    If you don't mind, is it ok to post my Mod here at RaceDepartment ?
    If you don't hope it, I'll use my Mod for my personal use.
    Really sorry again for this asking. And I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)

    Best regards

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  3. No problem my friend, we can see it as a camera mod. There are so many. I will try your mod too. ;)

    Thanks for asking, really appreciate that.
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  4. Thanks for your reply and kind consideration, parginos.
    I also have the same impression about the rain and found the way to disable rainscreen effects by editing the textures.
    And I also think without Ryder25's PSSG Editor and the continuous support of this modding community, this could not have been done.
    I'm glad I can share information with you and everyone.
    Once again, thank you very much for your kindness :)
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  5. can this also be done on F1 2010 and 2013?
  6. If I remember correctly, someone has done this mod before for 2012. Probably can use the same file for 2013.