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No free copy of the game anymore?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Andy Jackson, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. I think all is changing with Project CARS right now. Their website offered all members including junior members, a free copy of the game on release. It seems that some of their investors have got nervous about this now and they are going back on that promise. Junior and team members will have access to a free demo though, just like everyone else. Not good to be decieved is it?
  2. I'm guessing your referring to today's poll on boxed paid for or f2p.
    Tbh that's good news from my perspective. Stayed away from I racing for that reason. So it's not do much they've gone back on there word. They've halted and changed direction. Btw. Junior and team members would be getting discount on the full game. And you can if you want upgrade to a new full member for 49 euros and receive a full copy. and what you have ready paid for junior/team will be deducted.

    Oh and btw. On the old model it was going to be f2p so everybody. Inc juniors and first time players would have got it free anyway. Wouldn't they. ????
  3. I never ever pay more than 30 UK pounds for a full priced PC game. Thats the average price they sell for on amazon and play etc. 49 euro's is just too much. And it's likely to be didcounted at steam within a few months anyway. I'll wait.
  4. Your decision bud and I respect that. Just wanted to clarify what had changed rather than leaving it as junior and team won't get a copy of the game. End of story. Il stay as team and see how things progress.

    At the end of the day. Things change. They have after all got to make money on this project.

    Were saying juniors get 10 e discount and team 25 e of retail. Guessing there will be some finalised details posted at some point.
  5. If I don't remember things wrong, the idea of the memberships was that you supported economically the development of the game so when it would be done you would be rewarded according to the success of the game. Did I read something like that or I just dreamed it?

    In the current situation, if the game turns to be crap your return is -10 (if you don't buy it, if you buy it then -49). If the game turn to be brilliant, your return is.. zero. I can understand some disappointment.

    On the other hand we get what we deserve, we are so stupid that we_pay_ for doing beta testing. That used to be a _job_, didn't it?
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  6. Afaik rewards are still in place as long as it profits obviously.

    Btw. How can u get a free copy of what was going to be a FREE to play game. :S
  7. well said. They dont like any critisicism though.
  8. I don't get the point of this thread really or is it just me?

    Investing in anything is a risk but you invest in the hope that a profit can be returned, sometimes this happens and sometimes this doesn't. Why would anyone expect this game to be any different?

    You are investing in a game and it's development and depending how much you invest will depend on your level of input etc and possibilities of a decent return.. and rightly so.

    It seems some are expecting the earth and will kick up a fuss if they lose money, well sorry to say thats a risk you take when you invest. If the thought of losing your £10 or whatever was a big issue then maybe you shouldn't have joined the program.

    Christ imagine if they gave away a copy of the game for everyone who donated £10, quick fire way to get yourself in a mess financially.

    Also to the other comment about paying for beta testing well thats not accurate either, you're paying to be part of a team, you're paying to help the development of a game and in return they give you access to the game and the ability to request and change it.

    I think some people aren't quite sure what they have signed up for and solely did it expecting he works! Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

    Oh and i have nothing to do with the game but i have invested and if i have to pay for the full game then thats expected as im not investing for a free copy, im investing for a cut of the profit if there is any.
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  9. Again you're not paying 49 euros for the game, you're investing 49 euros into the development of the game with the hope of a profit from the sales if it does well. The fact you get the game for free is a bonus, if it all worked out well you could end up with a free game, and a bit more on top of your 49 euros in return.

    Im sure nobody will be moaning then.

    Like i say investing is a risk it can go either way but no doubt everyone will be moaning if the game fails and they lose their money.
  10. Thread seems random because it was part of the anyone getting pcars thread and was split.

    Agree with everything you say mate. I put some dosh in because I like the idea of a community assisted game. To many half arsed ports in all genres have been hitting the shelves in recent years due to publishers pushing release dates in the quest for the almighty dollar. Gonna see how things progress over the coming months and may up my ante.
  11. Sorry but no, for the low members it seemed you were investing, which means you can win or you can lose, fine. Now it turns that you are simply pre-paying, since at the most you will get a discount on the price of the free game that matches exactly what you paid. Eroded by inflation!

    Right now, pre-ordering any game at steam yields you more return that this.

    You can always stop new memberships. The fact is that you paid 10 eur of 2010 or 2011 and you will get a discount of 10 eur of 201x (2, 3?), which is effectively less money.

    Oh. You can pass by my lab and for the symbolic price of 10 eur you can feel part of a team of scientists and keep an eye in the things, in case something is going wrong and you can warn us faster. We will probably not pay you much attention, but at the end of the day you will get a 10 eur discount for a university sweater, valued 50 eur. Don't listen to anybody that tells you that what you do is called security watch and people used to be paid for that, its not accurate because you are paying to help the development of human knowledge. :D

    I guess you invested more than I then.
  12. Guys, guys the game is not even in an alpha state. We are not paying to beta test the game. We are paying to test their extremely early physics and FFB engines. This is a golden opportunity since these systems are extremely hard to fix once the game is in a beta stage so for me it is worth it just for that.

    And the devs DO read EVERYTHING on the forum. They might not have time to respond to it, but other users can and if the users are making enough of a fuss the devs notice right away. (they are not like Codemasters....)

    The original plan was to have a (sensible) f2p model and depending on your membership you would get a certain amount of in-game credits. I don't like f2p games, but I also understand that to get things started it would cost less and be done quicker. However the game would be lacking content at launch so I would rather have a boxed copy and have more cars and tracks. If this means I have to invest a little more $ for SMS to produce that extra content then I am OK with that.

    It puzzles me how people expected to get a boxed game for 10euros!

    Yea you can pre-order a game and you get the game without having to pay for it again at release, but did you get the opportunity to help the developer make the game better from the ground up? NO!
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  13. I'll just wait and buy the full game (if it's any good) after release. Probably get it at play.com for 15 quid or steam for a tenner.

    I, like others am not interested in returns or investment.
  14. Peter

    who cares Premium

    This is why we don't get a free copy anymore


    ''MyLoadBase N.V. purchases stake in Slightly Mad Studios Automotive GmbH

    Waalre / Berlin / London (16 February 2012) - In line with its growth
    strategy on the entertainment products market, MyLoadBase N.V. is
    purchasing a majority stake (60 per cent) in Slightly Mad Studios

    Automotive GmbH, headquartered in Berlin. Slightly Mad Studios Automotive
    GmbH is a joint venture of Ian Bell (CEO of Slightly Mad Studios Ltd in
    London) and Michele Pes.''
  15. Hmmm... Interesting...
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  17. I will wait for the game (it's clearly not a sim) to be fully released and buy it then. Ofcourse, after I have tried the demo if there is one. I also think that the price of 45 euro's is too high and to try and get me to pay that for the unfinished game is incredible. Pre-alpha or beta testing is not what I intend to ever pay for.
  18. I knew something had happened to make SMS/WMD change things. A big stake like that would change many things. It is amazing what money can do to people. In my opinion, the team members and juniors are paying to beta test instead of the company paying employee's to do it. The new full membership seems to be a clever way of getting people to buy before they even try. Guaranteed sales anyone? This is all just my opinion though. I might be wrong but it smells fishy to me.
  19. SMS needed money to fund Project CARS. With that MyLoadBase deal they managed to put 1.5 million € into Project CARS, and that's a good thing for every WMD members.

    That changes nothing for WMD members since SMS investment doesn't reduce the returns each member will get, it just helps to have the needed budget earlier.

    I am confident SMS will respect its promises if they can, since this way WMD could turn into a very big thing.
  20. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium

    Well, even if they won't give us game for free I wouldn't care. I'm glad that I could fund hopefully a good sim with my money. If I get at least my money back.