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no assists with pad - success?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Damian Hardacre, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. hi all. i can tank the computer with assists on (no braking assist) but i struggle big time with traction and abs off. I'm using a pad - yet to get a wheel - and was wondering if anyone is having success with no assists and pad?
  2. I've had relative success with analogue controllers like the DS3 and Xbox controller. When I tried using a digital controller (when you press a button it only reads on/off) I've had terrible experiences. F1 needs a lot of throttle control, especially with TC off; controlling a car with a keyboard or digital controller is a nightmare.

    It took me a while to get the hang of it, and it was a bit harder with the DS3 because of the crappy triggers that makes it difficult to be precise with the throttle. You can always change the config to use the second analogue stick to be the throttle control iirc.

    The biggest problem I faced when turning off the assists was the lack of TC. No ABS didn't really hinder me much, heck I even felt I could control my car better with that off. Having the TC assist on led to bad habits, like hammering the throttle down through turns. Un-learning all of that took a lot of time.

    The second problem I faced with a controller was turning off auto-gears, but I gave up halfway and bought a wheel.
  3. I am using 360 pad with PC and after some time with only TC on I am now not using any assists. Once you get used to it, it is not so bad BUT in some cases it will slow you down because the transition from exiting a corner with a steady increase of power to max throttle is very difficult without spinning out and some corners are very difficult but not impossible if you learn to take it easy. Slamming the throttle down or accelerating too fast will surely make you spin.

    If you are using analog trigger with thumb stick you have to try and synchronise your acceleration with your steering while straightening up, leaving just a little left to punch down upon straightening. If you are too early on the punch or aggressive with the throttle toward's the end be prepared for your back end to overtake you and if that starts to happen totally release the throttle to gain control sometimes a tap on the brake helps, but is takes practice to get it right. I still spin out but I am getting better at recognising when this is happening (no FFB) depending on circumstances and being more successful at turning a spin out around (excuse the pun) by continuing it to do a full 360' spin :D.

    It feels impossible at first and you get real mad but I also learned to breathe while cornering I found I was unconsciously holding my breath while cornering and it was not helping at all, making me tense for the cornering manoeuvres which I found was contributing to my errors. So consciously check yourself before a corner and breathe to relax it makes life easier and less frustrating and soon turns into a habit you forget. Also I found alternating between Medium TC and none, helped with the transition to the point I forget I have TC off now.

    If it still seems impossible try adjusting the controllers saturation and deadzones this can help also but is an individual thing, I am fairly light on my throttle and like to be precise so have slightly increased its sensitivity to it and I am very heavy on steering as I am using thumb stick so have that set the sensitivity down a little !

    I am enjoying the game so much more now I am using just my skill to drive the vehicle and use my break very little and almost never full break's this is due to the advantage of engine breaking, dropping gears to slow compensates for the corner exit issue and now I am knocking 5+ seconds off my old times and getting quicker.

    I am however hatching and underhanded plot to obtain a wheel from the budget as the coffer's are rather full at the moment and the time to strike is soon but not yet ! Must get the New Year out of the way first, wait until guard's are down due to a sense of euphoria from the new year and STRIKE but very subtly, wish me luck.

    Have fun, Dave.
  4. @Damian - in simple.. no one can actually teach you how to drive without assists.. it you who has teach yourself.. coz for me.. with a gamepad, it all about muscle memory and reflex..
  5. If you are playing with a digital controller that doesn't allow progressive throttle input you are going to have to have traction assists on, and even then it's going to be a nightmare if there is no stick to control the steering. I play with an Xbox360 controller on PC with all assists off and rarely have problems spinning out as long as I don't absolutely bury the throttle before the apex and as long as I keep to the rubber line. With the controller I've had no problems qualifying and racing. Am I slower than with a wheel? Probably. I especially have trouble with corners where you have to brake softly into a tightening curve, but I always feel like I'm in control and when things go bad it was my fault.
  6. I used to play with no assists using a 360 joypad before i bought my wheel. Must say i didnt find it a problem at all, its amazing how acurate you can be with the input feed on the right trigger with your finger. If anything i found using the throttle on my new pedals harder to get used to.
  7. There's a quick driver in my racing league (no assists allowed) who uses the pad and he usually qualifies top 3. In the races though it seems harder for him to be consistent on the long distances (we run 75%). Don't know if it's the pad or just the dude, but I think it's harder with a pad to stay smooth throughout a whole race. I also always hurt him on slow corner exits as you just can't have equally good throttle control as with pedals.

    In any case he shows it is very possible to be quick with a pad, but analog sticks are a necessity as mentioned above.
  8. if with pads and no TCS... you HAVE TO USE THE ANALOG STICKS.. i got a buddy too, we do some reasons once in a while.. and he is pretty good with the pad.. and yes, he used analog sticks for throttle..
  9. nice one. will stick with pad and try analogue throttle. look me up on xbox - damolux82 - if you want to race
  10. If you have analogue triggers though, and the 360 controller does, you can use them for throttle. I do and I couldn't use the stick for throttle or I cant change gear with buttons then.
  11. The PS3 triggers suck and I hate that it's the only pad I have for my PC. Didn't want to go out and buy a usb dongle thingy for my 360 controllers as they are both very worn out haha.

    Ended up buying a wheel anyway, but I barely use it due to inexperience
  12. Untitled.jpg

    My attempt with pad no assists....2 02 but check the S2 without spinning my rear through the u turn I could hit 1 52 possibily in lotus.
  13. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Then your triggers would be free for flappy paddle style gear changes. Not my cup of tea, but it could work!?
  14. I hear you James and did try it and it does work, here is the BUT at certain moments depending on circumstances of course I found my gear changing response time with the triggers was crap, sometimes miss a gear or jump a few up or down and that is not good as you can imagine. I have a much better time with buttons for gear changing also you loose breaking and have to put it too a button and that to is poo full breaks or none.
  15. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    I hate the fact there is no decent wheel available for the 360, i hate the button (X/A) gear change! it is un-natural. I am going back to PC eventually, then I will get a wheel I like, and then i shall take over the world. Until then, its 360 all the way, stupid controller :-(
  16. I'm on PC with 360 controller and its not to bad, I am working on an underhanded plan to obtain a wheel and also take over the world. But I think taking over the world will be easier :D

    I reckon when I do get a wheel I will look at the controller and think R.I.P for racing games lol.
    Happy New Year to you James.
  17. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Right back at ya! The Time Trial this week proved had for me, I can't manage to change from 3rd to 4th in a nice way, the car always spins, I blame the pad, but it could eb the setup. I have only managed 2 clean laps, and the 2nd was my best.

    Though the triggers are OK, I beleive if I had pedals, the task would be much easier
  18. Try lengthening the gap by one between 3 and 4 or shorten it depending on gear setup. You get a squiggly line in the gear ratios looks horrid but works well for me, it does when I have a problem corner. I lengthened 4th for Perabolica (Monza) as 5th was pushing me out to early on the grass no matter what. I lengthened fourth so it took longer to get to fifth and now I fly through that corner at a nice controlled speed no low or high revs.