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No AI Improvenents??

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by stash, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    Did anyone recognize any changes in ai behavior in f1 2013. CM said, they improved it and made ai more aggressive. But i dont see any difference. I did a race in australia on pro and in my opinion, ai is just the same as in 2012. AI is very cautious and is braking very early when they are not on racing line.
    Did you recognize the same or do I have to increase the difficulty level (expert or legend) to get a more aggressive ai?

  2. On pro? Try legend. AI is definitelly better this year. They are very aggressive, look for every gap, defend pretty clever and most important - they are faster!
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  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm playing the German version, so I wasn't sure how diificulty "profi" is officially called in English version.

    Does it mean, that I have to drive on difficulty legend to get an ai, which is fighting for their position and is more aggressive.

    That would be a problem. Because I think, I don't have the speed to compete with legend ai. I would appreciate it, when the ai is fighting for their positions the same way as they do on legend when you play on lower difficulties. Because I think there are many players out there who don't drive on legend but want to have a more aggressive ai when fighting for positions.
  4. Just did a 50% against the AI on Legend. Yeah I still whooped their butt with a random setup however legend does seem to be around 1 second quicker this year. 1.09s in quali at Brazil ain't too bad and their race pace matched the quali pace, well in terms of how much faster I was so that was a positive. I might actually do a career this year, in a slow car of course.
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  5. I just tried the difficulty "legend" and i have to say, i don't see big improvements in AI even on this difficulty. The AI is breaking very very early when they are not on racing line, So, the result is, every time the ai wants to pass and leaves racing line, they just brake to early for the next corner and i can easily overtake on racing line. that's the same as in f1 2012 and no improvement.

    the ai might be a bit more aggressive, but fighting for positions is as bad as in f1 2012.

    what are your opinions? am i really the only one who is a bit disappointed about ai.
  6. still the same problem since 2010, u can overtake 10 cars in 1st corner easily, why is this so hard to fix?
  7. Definitely alot better, quicker, more skilled and definitely more aggressive :)
  8. I think that it has improved a lot for example I just did the Monza scenario mode (even on intermediate as I had just opened the game and done the tests) and I was behind Sutil Rosburg and Perez ,Perez was defending an overtake from Sutil and they made contact Rosburg reacted quickly as Sutil spun off then I got there (btw this was in the breaking zone to Ascari on the second lap) and there was some of Preze's front wing this gave me the perfect opportunity to get up past Perez and Rosburg into the points. Has anyone else seen this improvement???
  9. I have not seen any AI improvements in the first 3 difficulty upto Professional. Expert Difficulty is good. yet to try Legend.

    In qualifying I saw AI's driving on the race line in their outlap while i was on my hot lap and they did not move over at all.
    the race record below was Online at Nurburgring yesterday. Look at the Video below I had a hard time trying to overtake the AI's

    Its completely crazy that codemasters can push out such an unfinished game year after year..
  10. You moan about the AI being bad. Ever consider that it's the way you're driving?
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  11. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least Premium Member

    Had my first go last night and found the AI to be much better (Legend). Last year all you needed to do to pass them was place your car near them in a braking zone or corner and they would move out of the way, this year it seems they are not so easily swayed, which is fantastic! They are also more aggressive in the DRS zone, last year is was easy to keep them behind... not so much this year. It is early days though. I reserve the right to change my opinion :)
  12. I think that this year is totally different to play "WITH" racing line or "WITHOUT". With racing line is pretty much like last year's game, but without racing line, my opinion is that has too many improvements. Monaco now is very difficult (to learn the track and find the braking points) without racing line. 1.16-1.17 WITHOUT vs 1.14-1.13 WITH.

    So its all about trainning...
  13. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    Indeed,however they are easy to game once you learn how they will attack you on a straight/DRS zone/certain corner you cant defend well. They don't adapt to your defenses which is unfortunate

    In short they are easy to trick.The leave a slight gap on the racing line DRS zone trick still works. I would love to see them see the trap and feint in a Nigel Mansell style.
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  14. I actually think most people defend too hard and so cause unrealistic AI. If you know their 1 move and move over to block every time despite them being 2 seconds a lap quicker in some cases then sure they will never pass you but that can be boring. If I know the car behind is much quicker I generally just let them by instead of being hounded for lap after lap.

    I have actually being done by the AI once or twice in some cool overtakes. Once at Malaysia I had 2 AI cars overtake me either side at the same time. It was pretty awesome.
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  15. after spending some more time with the game, i agree, that in general, the AI is a bit more aggressive and a bit more competitive than last year. Here, CM did a good job.

    But there is still one disappointing AI behaviour, which is in my opinion very annoying. Every time the AI is leaving the racing line (for example when they try to overtake me), they brake extremely early for the next corner. result is, that in most cases i can easily regain or hold the position, because the AI doesn't finish their overtaking move. Moreover, the AI is breaking so early that they nearly crash with the AI cars behind (which are on racing line and have normal braking points). To clarify it, this is only, when the AI is not on racing line, when AI is passing me on a straight and gets back to racing line, everything is fine.

    If CM could fix this, the AI would be much better and it would be much more fun to battle with AI.
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  16. I can't speak about 2012 as I didn't like/play it but the ai in 2013 is a huge improvement over 2010 and 2011 for me. I play all assists off, damage on, full rules et cetera and expert (until I get better) and every time I have encountered AI on track, it has been a pleasure dicing with them.
    I think to get the 'most' out of them, you have to play like you're driving a real racing car. Would you bump and grind and push in an attempt to pass someone in a RL open wheeler? Ofc not, dangerous. You wouldn't be allowed on the track again! When I drive this game in a RL mindset, it is more pleasurable to make a clean pass...even though it took me an extra lap or two to get it done sometimes...then to bump my way past. I had Webber pass me around the outside of T1 at MELB using his DRS. I could have run deep into T1 and stopped him passing by bumping him onto the grass but I gave just enough racing room and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face as he drove past me.
    I have noticed they brake earlier into a corner OFF the racing line (happens in RL too, not as grippy offline) but I have also noticed they brake very late ON the racing line (surprise, just like RL ala Webber point above).
    Wouldn't the AI's braking ability also depend on the tyre wear/life on their car at that particular point? Maybe...

    In another race I had two instances where they did the 'undercut' on me after I outbraked them. They didn't give up, they fought hard. Awesome improvement imo.

    My longwinded point is if you treat the AI with respect they will, in my experience so far, react and drive very close to RL. (I reserve the right to change my mind in the future, track and patch dependant :D).

    I suggest to add to the realism download one of the fantastic and brilliant "realistic damage" Mods on RD from those brilliant Modders (Thx guys and girls) as it will make you drive more cautiously around other cars in the fear of losing your wing or wheel and really adds to the "realism"....if that's what you want ;)
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  17. Really dude! You are questioning my driving from that little clip you saw? Although i would like to say that the things you see in the video was out of frustration for the AI. I have won races & championships so its not my driving style, also this was a practice session and not a race for points it didn't matter if i finished first / last (if you want to see my league races go visit my youtube channel to get an idea of my driving style).
    The first part of the video where you see the AI not leaving me room to over take that was my breaking point, you can clearly see the steering wheel angle at the start finish straight... if that was a Quick Race or something I would have either got a penalty or would have been disqualified. the fact that neither i or that AI got any penalty is the stupidity this game has come to.

    Here is the first 10 laps of the same race in Nurburgring

    take a look at this issue.... Where cars seem to be going in circles, whether ai / players for some users, this is seen by some players and i have also had this issue, where i was the only car on track on my map and everyone else was off road & stuck.

    We were practicing in Jerez, fully race distance 10 players rest AI. btw i won that race :D

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  18. I was meaning more the diving and ramming down the inside on corners but like you said. Frustration does kick in hahaa :D