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Nine 2012 slots open on FIA entry list

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by DRIZZ, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Formula One racing’s governing body, the FIA, has published the current 2012 championship entry list. As already confirmed, three constructors change their names next season - Renault become Lotus, Lotus become Caterham, and Virgin become Marussia.

    Five teams have yet to finalise their driver line-ups, with Marussia’s Charles Pic the only rookie confirmed so far. Despite having been announced by HRT, Spanish veteran Pedro de la Rosa is absent from the list, and the team - who ran Cosworth power this year and last - have no engine supplier listed.

    Red Bull Racing Renault

    1 Sebastian Vettel (DEU)
    2 Mark Webber (AUS)

    McLaren Mercedes

    3 Jenson Button (GBR)
    4 Lewis Hamilton (GBR)


    5 Fernando Alonso (ESP)
    6 Felipe Massa (BRA)


    7 Michael Schumacher (DEU)
    8 Nico Rosberg (DEU)

    Lotus Renault

    9 Kimi Raikkonen (FIN)
    10 TBA

    Force India Mercedes

    11 TBA
    12 TBA

    Sauber Ferrari

    14 Kamui Kobayashi (JPN)
    15 Sergio Perez Mendoza (MEX)

    STR Ferrari

    16 TBA
    17 TBA

    Williams Renault

    18 TBA
    19 TBA

    Caterham Renault

    20 Heikki Kovalainen (FIN)
    21 Jarno Trulli (ITA)


    22 TBA
    23 TBA

    Marussia Cosworth

    24 Timo Glock (DEU)
    25 Charles Pic (FRA)

    Font: Formula1.com

    So guys what do you think ? Opinions !
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  2. I heard today van der Garde is gonna take the spot from Trulli. Hope so. :)
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Lol i was just planning to open a thread for Guido. Is he now confirmed? Will he be hired or is he bringing daddy-in-law?

  4. Still wondering about Massa... He's not just Number 2. While Alonso regularly overperforms the car, Massa underperforms. That gap is too big, if Massa starts next season like that, I wonder if he's going to finish the season.

    It could be Grosjean... Give him a second try. But there's nearly anyone linked with them: Senna, Petrov, Glock(!), Sutil(After what happened at Singapore, probably not anymore) , Barrichello, Donald Duck?, etc. Why not D'Ambrosio? Would be interesting. Last thing I heard is that female racer Maria De Villota is going to sign a test contract at the age of 31. Question: Why don't you join HRT? They're Spanish too, need money and PR. Interested?

    Good bye Adrian "Stupil". While I regretted his exit at Monaco a long time ago(Brakes Kimi, hello!), he went on to crash out at all races he did well in, especially the wet ones where the looked best. Now, he seemingly has found his level of performance, but in the meantime I don't really care anymore. Di Resta is close to him(Running less stops in races doesn't make you fast though) and might be on his level next season, why keep and elder guy when you have fresh talent(+Mercedes help coming with DiR).

    My pick: Di Resta/Hülkenberg(Known as "The incredible HULK"). Does really well in practice sessions, should have never lost his seat. Shake in fear, Sutil!

    Question mark here: Agly? Buemi? Ricciardo? Vergne?In my opinion, Jaime's seat is set in stone, he matured from last year and was much more consistent. Maybe the new Alonso?

    Buemi's season was overshaded with reliability problems. Just look at Japan(Loose wheel, knoobheads), India(engine failure) and Abu Dhabi(Hydraulics). He didn't seem to get chances to beat Algy, but when he did, he wasn't too far from him, although he should beat his teammate as the more experianced one more often.

    Ricciardo did some good races in the HRT, but that is difficult to compare. Vergne showed good performances in the Young Drivers test, aswell as the free practice in Yas Marina.

    Pick: In normal circumstances, we might see Alguersuari/Buemi again; But it may well happen that either Ricciardo or Vergne take the seat of my fellow countryman.

    Okay, now to the team that apparently had Kimi in the bag, then didn't want to sell Kimi some shares and he buggered off to Lotus/Renault. /sarcasm

    The money keeps Williams alive. More precise: Maldonado's money. He'll be there if it doesn't run out over in Venezuela. And he actually has talent. He just needs to be a bit quicker and consistant.

    Rubens looks like he's down and out. Interlagos appeared to be his last race maybe, running a special helmet. He's not too bad, but the season never went his way. Scoring at Monaco when Maldonado was infront of him; not impressing.

    Pick: Sutil/Maldonado, if Sutil loses out on a Force India seat. But you never know...

    I'll make it short: Even thought Jarno has a contract, he should be out. Even with his demanded power steering, Kova beats him hands down. Maybe it's time to look after the wine you produce rather than racing.

    It could be that RBR buys the seat for Ricciardo, if Buemi keeps his seat and HRT hire a new puppet.

    Pick: Kovalainen/Ricciardo, I know it's more of "I hope", but Trulli isn't really going anywhere performance-wise.

    They could have hired Albert Costa. No. They could have hired Canamasas. NO. They could have even gone for Clos. Remains to be seen, while they hired DLR! He's probably a pay-driver with backing of Santander, but I'd have liked either rookies with a chance to display themselves or some other experienced driver. So another seat wasted an some old fart. Great. When did you say Nigel Mansell is coming back?

    Second driver could be anyone I guess, even Yamamoney if his mother's money didn't run out. I'd give the seat to a rookie; Clos is one but he didn't impress so far, Costa and Canamasas have a better record in WSBR. Your team is Spanish, you want a Spanish base(Currently Germany thanks to Colin Kolles), you want Spanish backers, so get Spanish drivers(DLR is not enough)! You could even ask De Villota as PR stunn!

    Pick: DLR/Whoever has money or talent, preferably both.

    Just to say: I'd have kept D'Ambrosio or hired Robert Wickens(Even instead of Glock!) But since Glock's only plus is his experience and his input in testing probably, he keeps the seat(He didn't impress me: Jérôme was close to him all season).

    If Virigin, oh sorry, Marussia, can develop a good car without just using the damn CAD like Mr Wirth and do proper tests, it may get better!
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  5. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    How Charles Pic got a seat ahead of Robert Wickens is beyond me, and how DLR is still in F1? Complete shambles.
  6. Pic's a pay driver, so that explains why he got the spot instead of my compatriot.
  7. D'Ambrosio is a pay-driver too, so Pic must have a bigger pocket.

    I heard a wealthy French family is supporting him, they are into the mineral business, mines and etc.
  8. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    DLR is a good choice in many aspects:

    • He's a very experienced test driver in top teams, wich can help with car development
    • He is a solid performer in race, just finishing races (if no technical failure) in the position of the car (he actually did better than Heifield in Sauber IMHO, and had good results in his few McLaren races)
    • He's really loved an respecte in Spain, more than Alonso
    So I think a DLR/Rookie is a great choice to be honest.

    Fantastic post by the way :)
  9. I have to admit I am a Nick Heidfeld fan.

    But: DLR didn't really do a better job. The chaos race of Montreal is probably a bad indicator, but he only finished ahead of the "new" teams.

    And in 2010, Nick finished with 1 exception(+1DNF) always higher than DLR in the races before.

    DLR's position range: 7-14(Only 1 7th place at Hungary)

    Nick's position range: 8-17(Two points finishes, 1 17th place at Brazil)

    Difference: DLR is a pay-driver. I haven't seen Nick paying, otherwise he'd bee still in F1.

    He's more respected in Spain than Alonso? Really? :O

    Question: Does HRT really need him? Is his test input better than Liuzzi's?

    I'd still favour a young driver(from Spain, if they need one). Or the De Villota idea for PR:p
  10. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    He's not a pay-driver! He has no cash at all, and nobody is supporting him.

    He was test driver at McLaren for several years, and after driving for Sauber, McLaren got him again so he has to be good :)

    And yes, is by far more popular/respected than Alonso, even if everybody would agree on Alonso being faster/better.

    No De Villota please, she's the kind of driver that is there 100% because of gender/family money, I would love to see a girl in an HRT but let's pick a fast one!
  11. I can remember it was said he was backed by a side-branch of Santander. Last year and now. And if that's true, HRT's partially taking him for that money that Liuzzi for example doesn't have. Don't quote me for that, since it's been said by the motorsport press.

    Ofc he has valuable experience and he's isn't crap, but he won't be digging out trees with that machinery.

    Test Driver is test driver. If not for Montoya being an idiot apparently, he would have spent even less time driving in a race. He was about the same step as Paffett. Not enough for McLaren to drive, but good enough to test.

    As for the Missy, it would be for HRT as PR stunt and even more for the money; If they can't pick a decent young guns for god's sake, at least take the money. As it looks like they'll miss pre-season testing again...

    Btw: Is Algy more respected or popular than Alonso too?
  12. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Why would they be missing pre-season testing?
  13. Let me point some things about spanish drivers, first of all, there are a lot of people that is superfan of Alonso but there is a lot of people that hates him so much, the main reason that spanish people hates Alonso is 'cause of the TV, there is a channel that broadcast the F1 season and they talk like "Please Vettel hit the wall and let Alonso win" or "Vettel has won, but im sure Alonso would do much better with that RedBull, anyone can win with that car..." That's so annoying...
    You can imagine the 2007 season with Hamilton and ALO in McLaren in that channel, oh dear it was terrible...

    The situation with DLR is quite different, It's impossible to not like him! He is so adorable, in spain nobody hates him 'cause its impossible!! He was very unlucky in the past, I hope the best for him in the future, he deserves it!
  14. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Pedro brings a wealth of development experience from McLaren as well.
  15. @Chris: The same stuff as every year why they miss the testing sessions. Missing funds, late material deliveries, late assembling of the parts, etc.

    At the start of this year, their trucks were even stopped at the frontier of Spain I think...

    Well, that's not Alonso's problem, that the biased TV channel for you. Our Swiss commentator is a pretty boring one, but never says stuff like that. Alonso has grown on me a bit. Fine driver, but I hope he won't ever get into a team fight like with Hamilton again.

    Guess DLR is the Heidfeld of Spain;)
  16. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I think HRT are a much more organised team this time round though. New owners, much more investment, potential new engine supplier. They're a serious team now, which is something they weren't 9 months ago.
  17. Robert Wiesenmüller

    Robert Wiesenmüller
    The one and only Premium

    About Renault/Lotus/Genii: This team has made really unexpected decisions ever since Boullier and Lopez are managing it. I hope for Grosjean but second driver could really be everyone.

    About spainsh drivers and HRT: There are quite a few talented youngsters like Merhi, Costa and Juncadella right now who should have the talent to be in F1 sooner or later, some drivers like Clos, Villa, Molina and Canamasas that have the talent to be in another good series like WTCC, DTM or WEC, and there are some drivers like Valles and Soucek that are also good but seem to be without budget to do anything at all. HRT still goes for De La Rosa which isn't a bad thing, he has massive experience, tested for McLaren and Pirelli. Liuzzi really hasn't been impressive, not sure why because he has talent. I hope Pedro can boost the team, after the chaotic start they seem to be better organized than Marussia Virgin.

    About girls in F1: I don't see anyone right now who could do really good job, maybe de Silvestro but I don't think so. Let's not forget, when we talk about disappointing F1 drivers, we might mention Liuzzi, Heidfeld or Massa. When Maldonado and Petrov entered, people were questioning their abilities. All these guys have been brilliant in junior series and much much better than Stoddart, de Silvestro, Gachnang, Frey, Patrick, Legge and Beatriz (which are all better than de Villota). I hope sooner or later there will be a really good female driver getting a grid spot because of talent.
  18. @HRT: Yeah, always the same story of more investment. Minardi were at the back in all those years pretty much too. Potential new engine supplier? I've yet to hear anything, can they even pay for it? And about them missing testing again: It's been said in an article with Colin Kolles himself that they might face the same problem again...

    Erm why do you compare male drivers to female? Sexism? Or do I misread the sentence?

    Stoddart(Now Wolff) scored in some races, but nothing much. Frey has yet to score, but I am not sure about her doing so.

    Gachnang has that terrible accident at Yas Marina and broke her leg.

    De Silvestro is good, probably better than Patrick because she's doing well on both while Danica's an oval racer. Simona had to drag an oldtimer of an IndyCar around in the 500.
  19. Robert Wiesenmüller

    Robert Wiesenmüller
    The one and only Premium

    ??? No, at least I didn't mean to be. All I tried to say is, a female driver wouldn't be bad for formula one, but at the moment I don't see anyone who is good enough to compete with the current F1 drivers. There are some good ones, who will have a good career in other forms of motorsport like Danica Patrick and Simone de Silvestro, but I don't think they could perform too well in F1. And they are a lot better than De Villota.

    I'm not trying to compare female drivers as a group and male drivers as a group, but I try to compare them individually. Let's take de Silvestro and Mike Conway. They are both solid and good midfielders, they both don't have too much experience and they are both still young. Now who would say Mike Conway deserves a place in F1?

    In some series like DTM, there are female drivers just for marketing/gender reasons and not for talent reasons. Otherwise why is Wolff in DTM since 2006 and has scored 4 points overall? There are brilliant drivers like Claudia Hürtgen or Ellen Lohr some years ago. They had top cars and deserved it, because they were super fast. No one said, they are only driving because they are female.
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  20. I miss the days of the "Beru Top 10"for example, if you remember that time aswell. They were women with "Ecken und Kanten", no overrated Barbie Dolls;)