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Helmets Nico Rosberg's 2014 Helmet And Gloves Update 1.0

Nico Rosberg's 2014 Helmet And Gloves Update

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  1. lmm


    Very, very nice!!!!!! The Best!!!!!!!
  2. Man i worked on this 2 weeks and completing today. So now to see someone else got my same idea/project and posted i'm honest i say i'm feel a bit unsatisfied, because i put alot of work on that and i don't like "doubles" or make you think i copy that.

    Just saying for clarify things, because later i will upload mine so nothing personal.

    However seems you did a good job so keep doing!
  3. Tha
    Thanks, sorry, I didn't know that, I know it's not personal. I made it some weeks ago and I thought: Why haven't I released it yet?, so I uploaded it today, cuz a lot of people ask for it. It's strange but I've done it in 1 hour, I think 2 weeks are too much for that, but I'm glad you like it :)
  4. lmm


    Release please Rosberg black gloves early season ?
    Thanks for fantastic works!!!
  5. lmm


    No release Robert Rosberg black gloves melbourne version?
  6. I will release it later, now I'm just concentrating on the tracks
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  7. lmm


    Ok thanks Robert.
  8. Hi !
    Great work ! But I can't find the helmet in the career mode .. any help ?
  9. Bro,this is very good,nice job :) Can you make a white gloves and shoes for Nico in the game,PLEASE,i think its be very,very good :)