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Nice Set of Mods = a New Game

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Craig Turner, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. I think I have finally got myself a great game .....

    Running a newer PC, with all settings on ULTRA.

    Along with the following Mods from here (Using Generic Mod Enabler):

    RDD Truelight Ultra DX9
    RDD Huds + Car HUD
    RDD - All Retextured Cars in HD that are available
    RDD - Artwork
    RDD - Helmets
    RDD - True Weather
    RDD - Cams

    RPM Lights
    25% More Damage (Not less grip file though)
    Tweaked AI V0.01 Beta
    Catch up file - tweaked all to "false"
    Pirreli Tyres V2
    Audio v0.5 (with 5 speakers dotted around me)
    CM Water fixes

    I have to say the game is running sweet and is like a new game, its truely fantastic ..... but has taken all these Mods to make it as such.

    BIG THANKS to all the RD Devs, and the Modders I have used Mods mentioned above.
  2. Im gonna try this first thing tommorow, but what file is the less grip file in the damage mod?
  3. 2 files in there, if you want just the 25% more damage only extract the (loose parts) file and drop it in your main F1 2010 folder, as thats the damage file.

    the other (surface material) will change your grip - so leave that one
  4. Sounds like a great list, but what is the 'Catchup' file?

  5. Its sat in

    F12010 / ai


    Open it in Notepad, and change the words "true" to false.

    It stops the AI using the catch up boost (where all of a sudden they are right behind you from nowhere) that CM put in, giving you a more realistic race ........ well it does for me anyway ?
  6. Just wondering, why was the catchup boost added? I mean, what does it achieve?
  7. I believe it was there to simulate the AI switiching their engines to Fast - to catch you, and to keep the player in the action.

    To me its unrealistic as you can never work on gaining a good lead for pitting, however if you tweak this file, run a medium strength team, with no assists etc, and the AI Tweak file + damage mod file it plays out much more realistic.

    I spent 2 hours last night - with this new AI Tweak file, 25% more damage and the tweaked catch up file in a Lotus.

    The race was great. Constantly in the middle of the pack fighting for position, really good defending from the AI - and some aggressive driving etc, etc. Also because of the Damage file - I had to be cautious yet still aggressive, and there where was a good balance of DNF's from the AI due to their new style of driving and the damage mod.


    Last night was the First time in a race at Monaco I saw a HRT collide with a Virgin no more than 200m in front of me, and had to swerve around them, through the smoke and debris ........... excellent stuff (they where both DNF) :)

    Best race I have had yet since buying F1 2010.

  8. So can you give me your catchup file ?
  9. Don't change the catchup file - I did and made the basic mistake of not backing it up and now the game will not start!
  10. Ok thanks, i will test that. Like quoling said, when i remplace "true" by "false" in this file, the game didn't start
  11. I just had my first race, and it was completly awesome (i crashed in lap 8 tho XD, locked up my brakes and skidded into the nearest wall @ monaco)

    The AI was competitive, i was in a sauber i was battling with Petrov for 15th place, with Hulkenberg right behind me.

    A whole new game :D
  12. Great News Dutch, good to see its not just me that has started to enjoy it again ...lol.

  13. Oh dear - always, always back up the relevant files before modding anything!

    Catch up is basically 'rubberbanding', isn't it? I don't know why, but that always seems to be in racing games. Not sure if it was in the Geoff Crammond games, especially the first one, F1GP because I recall being overtaken and then seeing the car that just went past do a rapid disappearing act because I wasn't driving fast enough to catch him!!
  14. Does that affect the AI's damage threshold as well?

    Edit: Sorry, just read your other post - judging by the increased DNFs, it does. What does the engineer say if an AI DNFs?
  15. nothing...
  16. The AI's damage threshold is in driver config and that is unaltered in Tweaked AI.