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nHancer Issue

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lee Palmer, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Installed this a few weeks back but couldn't get the program to even open read up on net that my graphics drivers recent update had meant it didn't work any more however updated them again last night still didn't work. So wondering if there's something else at fault? The program just won't open I click the shortcut and nothing loads.

    Running a nVidia GTX 460 on Vista 64 bit. Drivers are up-to-date as said.

    Any help or suggestions would be great.

  2. nHancer doesnt work on any drivers later than 197.45 because of the restrcuturing of the 2xx drivers
  3. Ah explains that thanks Ryan. :)
  4. The only option right now to select the hidden modes (hybrid supersampling, game profile editing, etc pp) in the actual Nvidia driver lineup, is to use this tool.


    It comes with some neat clock speed options (2d mode with 2 displays, OC, etc) too. :)
  5. Dave Wild

    Dave Wild

    Since changing my card to a 460GTX and the latest drivers I now use the Nvidia Inspector for Flight Sim.. Good program and similar if not more options than nHancer.