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Featured Next Car Game: Wreckfest update released

Discussion in 'Next Car Game: Wreckfest' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Wreckfest Update - June 2016.jpg
    Bugbear Entertainment have made live a new update to Next Car Game: Wreckfest and it brings new content alongside a raft of major and minor updates to the enjoyable destruction derby style PC racer.

    New off road track Sandpit 3 makes its debut in the game as a forest lined off road circuit lined with occasional concrete barriers and the odd surprise for the unsuspecting driver. Alongside the all new Sandpit 3 course comes a new figure of eight layout attached to the Speedway 8 track, designed to test the nerve and car strength of competitors and sure to be another hit for online gameplay.

    Damage modelling has been refined and improved in the latest build bringing the standards up to a new level in preparation for a new way of representing and recording damage in game.

    "Vehicles now have chassis health and armor, the latter being visualized with the previously used sector triangles. Think of them as outer panels of the car: the better the condition of the armor the more incoming damage it absorbs, and when the armor condition drops to zero (black), all damage will go directly to lower chassis health. From now on the vehicle is only totaled when chassis health drops to zero."
    To aid players with picking fights on track they can actually have a chance of winning, the team over at Bugbear have added damage status indicators next to player names in the on screen HUD, allowing you to strategically chose targets for maximum opportunity to inflict race ending damage!

    Other more minor improvements in the latest patch include artwork updates on a number of tracks, vehicle shaders and more work on the offline opponent AI code.

    The full Wreckfest changelog can be read below:
    • Added a new track Sandpit 3 with two layouts (short and long) in both normal and reverse variants.
    • Added a new Figure 8 layout for Speedway 2.
    • Implemented the basics of the new damage system.
    • Health bars are now displayed in the HUD.
    • The vehicle with more speed and mass now has more advantage in collisions, paving way for a more tactical gameplay.
    • Improved Sandpit 2 and Mixed 1 level art.
    • Fixed Sandpit 2 checkpoints.
    • Improved AI racing line in a number of tracks.
    • Improved AI start/racing logic.
    • Reduced AI aggression towards the player.
    • It’s now slightly more difficult to bump the AI off the track.
    • Improved clutter loading speed.
    • Improved gamepad controller.
    • Improved reflection and vehicle paint shader.
    • Fixed a bug with the game being unable to start if more than ten mods have been enabled at some point.
    • Weathers are now scanned similar to tracks, vehicles and parts, so multiple weather mods can co-exist.
    • BagEditor now shows files under Art folder too.
    Have a look through our Wreckfest forum for the latest news and discussion items as well as the upcoming mod section.

    Do you play Wreckfest? What do you think of the latest update and new tracks? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Keith Joyce

    Keith Joyce
    Stercus accidit Premium

    Sandpit 3 is a fantastic track and the AI changes are very welcome too!
    My fave game atm - always end up laughing out loud!
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  3. LilSki


    I may have to give this game a shot finally. Seems updates are coming fairly regularly now.
  4. Angeltheartist


    I think Im going to try it out also .
  5. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Had it a while a good game to chill with :)
    Alot of mods at the Steam workshop to check out
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  6. Keith Joyce

    Keith Joyce
    Stercus accidit Premium

    Demolition Derby is a must!
  7. Is this game finally finished yet? I've been sitting on it in my library for 2 years or so now waiting, want to fully enjoy it and not spoil it for myself.
  8. LilSki


    It's still in EA on steam. I purchased it yesterday but haven't had time to try it yet.
  9. Keith Joyce

    Keith Joyce
    Stercus accidit Premium

    It is well worth firing up. Absolutely hilarious...
  10. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    @Matt Orr . No one knows when or if it will be finished, but it does n't really matter the game is just fun. Forget all the sim racing stuff an drive it like you stole it.
    Make a vid :)
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  11. Anyone know if it supports multiple input controllers? Picked this up on the steam sale yesterday, but havent had a chance to try it out
  12. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Yes I have 3xUSB wheel/pedals/shift control setup, they show in 3 screens just bind key to your preference
  13. Nice! Thanks
  14. @Paul Bennett When it comes to early access / WiP games like this unless there is a reason to I prefer to let them sit and enjoy them when they are truly ready. It's a fresher, more full experience when it's all new to you. Good things happen to those who wait, you know?

    I'm not a sim elitist, I like silly racing games which is why I picked it up in the first place.
  15. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    @Matt Orr , No worries so I expect to see a video in about 2yrs then :D
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
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  16. BoogerMac


    Ever since the bankruptcy rumors, Bugbear has been on a tear with the updates and I love it!
  17. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Update today, new track an car :)
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