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Newbie needing advice

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by jonabonospen, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. jonabonospen


    Hi peeps. Wanting to start taking my driving a little more seriously so am trying to get a full setup to work on my PS3 playing GT6. So far I have managed to pick up a T500RS wheel with TX 458 Italia pedals, and a Wheel Stand Pro.

    I dont want to use the wheel stand as I think I would prefer a proper racing seat, so that will be getting sold.

    I also dont really like the plastic feel of the TX 458 Italia pedals, plus they dont have a clutch pedal, so they too are going to go.

    So that just leaves with me with a T500RS wheel. So what I want some advice on is what pedals are compatible with this wheel and the PS3? Also what shifters are compatible? And any advice people can give of racing rigs?

    For the pedals I was thinking of getting Clubsport pedals but then found out that they wouldn't work with the PS3. So am starting to think that the only decent ones I can get are going to be the T500RS pedals if I can find a set for sale on their own. Are there others that are compatible and decent?

    For the shifter, I am thinking the TH8RS as I want H-gate and sequential. Any other suggestions? Pro's? Con's?

    Or should I just bin off the T500RS and look to get a different complete setup to work with the PS3?

    Then the rig..... I am going to be using a 40" TV to play on but one concern is if I get a rig with a monitor stand, would it be able to support a 40" TV? Or if I put the TV on a table then I will need to think about the seat height in comparison to the TV height. Dont want to be sat right on the floor. I also want to make sure the rig has a facility to mount a shifter in the proper position for if you were driving a car (i.e. not right next to the wheel). What are peoples suggestions?
  2. Jari Vinnari

    Jari Vinnari

    There is adapter coming that allow Clubsport pedals to be connected to a Thrustmaster wheel.

    CPX adapter: http://www.basherboards.com/node/26

    I just dont remember if it works with PS3 but you could always ask Basher about it.
  3. jonabonospen


    Thanks for that Jari. I have sent BasherBoards a message to ask about it.
  4. FerrariMan96


    The thing that is most important to consider when buying pedals is the brake. Normal potentiometers are fine for the accelerator and clutch (OK so clutch not so much, but until someone makes a Force Feedback clutch, it will suffice because it isn't too important because changing gears is a simple in-out motion, no "middle ground" required, because even on starts it's a bit "drop the clutch and go" in sim racing), but for the brake you really want a load cell (or one of those fancy hydraulic ones, but they're expensive). The reason why is because, in a race car, drivers use muscle memory do help them find the threshold when braking. It also allows you to modulate better.

    In saying all this, that doesn't make a load cell necessary, it's just a nice thing to have if you can and will improve your immersion (and speed) over a potentiometer.

    If that BasherBoards adapter will work on PS3, then I'd definitely go for either the Clubsport V2s or CSR Elite Pedals from Fanatec. They certainly won't have that 'plasticy' that you (and many others) don't like. Plus, the load cell made so much of a difference to me, in terms of both speed and realism, when I upgraded to CSR Elites from my G25 pedals.

    Other than that adapter, then your only other option is standard T500RS pedals. However, they are supposed to be the best non-load cell/hydraulic pedals, so I wouldn't be too upset if that was your only option. Plus, there are a number of mods out there which are supposed to improve the brake, so it's worth a look.
  5. Unicon


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    Last edited: Apr 28, 2014
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