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Newbie alert! How to install anything?!

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Rickard Javanainen, May 28, 2012.

  1. Hi!

    I´ve just installed Rfactor 2 but do nt got any tracks or cars. How to install?

    Thanks in advanced!

  2. hi Rickard,

    Here you go.
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  3. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Thas more about making the mods I think.

    I have made a nice post in the RDWSR part about installing. A quote from that post:
    - Installing the content on the regular rFactor2 game.

    I am pretty sure everyone knows this part by now, but to be sure, I will address the installation once more. Besides that, there is also the removal of content which is a bit more difficult than just click uninstall in the MOD Manager.

    - Installing.
    To Install content, you have to place it into a package folder. For this instruction, we will use the default location. When you download content (MOD or Component files), place them in the package folder which can be found in the DATA section. (When installing rFactor2, you have to choose 2 locations, CORE and DATA. In this instruction, the DATA folder is in my documents).

    Once the content is placed in the package folder, open your MOD manager. You can do this via the rFactor Launcher, and click MANAGE MODS in the right bottom.

    To install a Complete MOD, you just have to right click on the mod name in the list, and select install. To install Component files, you first have to click OPTIONS in top menu, and UNTick the box for Show MODS only.

    Then you right click the component, and select install.

    Problem MOD's.
    Virtual MOD's rely on the components used in that mod. When a component is not installed, the mod will be displayed as Problem mod.

    To see what content is missing, right click on it, and select properties. There will be a few buttons displayed. Click on Advanced Info to see which components you need to install. Be aware. At the moment I am making this document, there is an issue with the detection of installed MODs. When A component is missing, ALL components are listed as Not Installed. You have to manually check if the components are there. Also not that it is version related! So if you have f.i. Searspoint V1.2 installed, and the mod requires version 1.3, it will be displayed as V 1.0 - not installed!

    When all components are installed, the MOD will be displayed in the regular list again.

    - Uninstalling.
    This part is a bit more tricky. You have to work the other way around here.

    MOD Uninstall.
    To Uninstall a complete MOD, right click on the mod in the MOD manager, and select uninstall. You have now De-activated the mod, but it is physically still present. To completely remove the mod, follow the instructions below for File Removal.

    Component Uninstall
    Components can only be uninstalled if there are no more mod's active which use this content. So first, uninstall all mod's which use the content you wish to remove. In the MOD manager, you can see how many mod's make use of certain content.
    Once the mod's are removed, you can uninstall the components. Right click on them, and select uninstall. Same as with the complete mod uninstall, the content is just deactivated, but still present on the hard disk. Again, to remove the files look below for File Removal.

    -File removal
    When you have uninstalled the mod's via the MOD Manager, you can remove the files from the hard disk. To do so, you have to open the Windows Explorer, and go to the data folder of rFactor2.

    In the data folder, are a 3 folders in which you have to remove files.
    - ../rfactor2/packages - Here is the original package located (.rfmod or .rfcmp)
    - ../rFactor2/Installed/rFm - Here is a file present, called [modname].mas
    - ../rFactor2/Manifest - Here is a file present called [modname].mft

    If all mod's are deactivated (Uninstalled via MOD Manager), you can manually remove these files to save some hard disk space, and keep performance of the game optimized. It also helps to keep the log file clean of errors.

    - Downgrading in component or mod version.
    After installing an update on a certain mod or component, there might be a need to Uninstall it again later on. When you are developing an update, it can happen that you want to test it, find something you want to change, make the change, and test it again. To do so, you have to uninstall the update first.

    I have had several cased in which the downgrading went perfectly, by just right clicking on the mod or component, and select uninstall. However, I also have had that the complete mod disappeared. If this happens, here is a way to reinstall it again.
    For this example we use the Meganes2009 COMPONENT! So I am JUST talking about the cars, not the sounds and all other aspects of the Mod.

    It happened to me a few times that I uninstalled a made update, and the total entry of the Meganes2009 component disappeared. At that moment, it is NOT possible to reinstall. When you go back to the Show Mods Only option, the MOD ISI Meganes is missing in the list, so you can’t reinstall.
    To fix, go to the explorer, and open the DATA folder of your rFactor2 install.
    Go into the MANIFESTS folder, and delete the .mft file from the missing mod (MOD, not component!).
    Open the MOD manager again, and refresh.
    The mod will re-appear in the list again, as Uninstalled, so you can click install again.
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  4. Thanks for the help! Now i got a new problem... The game wont start... Windows tell me soemthing wrong happended and it just close it down? Anyone know why?
  5. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Did you upade the mods to version 1.1? You need to update the Megane Trophy, the Formula Renault and the GT mod to be able to start the game.
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