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New Thrustmaster Wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Blkout, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. To be announced tomorrow according to their Facebook page. PS4 compatible for sure, likely PS3 and PC too. Brushless motor like the TX, good stuff.

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  2. Looking forward to see what they've come up with. Saw someone post about this a few days ago on the ISR forum so I've put on hold my intended purchase of the GTE 458 Italia rim to see if this is better.

    I'd say Driveclub and Pcars PS4 integration is a given. I'm just praying they haven't made a PS4 version of the crappy TX standard rim.
  3. The teaser image of the rim looks like a slightly revised GTE rim, with metal face plate...

    The body of the wheel is also definitely changed compared to either T500RS or TX. Maybe learning from TX mistakes, maybe (given 1080 degrees not 900 degrees) intended as a true T500RS replacement. We'll see tomorrow.
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  4. I'd love a metallic finish GTE rim. Hoping they sell it as an addon. I just bought my PS4 but obviously there's nothing race-worthy to play as yet but if they let us use it on pc I'll be a happy bunny. Roll on tomorrow :)
  5. my expectations are extremely low
    but if it's as goodlooking as the csw, has better reliability
    and decent loadcell pedals,

    and why not make it direct driven at once :p
  6. Sadly to disappoint Tim http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_UK/press/t300-rs-first-official-force-feedback-wheel-playstation-4

    Without dissecting it it looks like it´s a TX more or less with 1080 degrees of rotation and the GTE 458 rim with PS 4 labels. So the rim is actually worse then the TX rim in my opinion in regard of the ultra realistic inertia and force feedback they are claiming :D

    Pedals is of course TX pedals with T500RS pedal foot plates :D
    But I suppose all this would mean they can have a positive price tag on it. I don´t mind my wheels being ugly as long as they function well :)
  7. beat me to it Jari. 369 euro okay that seem a bit high but maybe there is internal improvements made on it. That static paddle I would find useful surely if it was available for TX as well.
  8. Yep, I agree, looks like a TX with a new PS4 wheel and same stupid two pedals that the TX has. At least the wheel base is nice. Its clear at this point that Thrustmaster is relying heavily on selling those T3PA add-on pedals and the TH8A add-on shifter going forward.

    Tough decision for me when it becomes available, keep the T500RS for the PS3 and PS4 or get a T300RS instead. I would safely assume it will be PS3 and PC compatible too.
  9. I'll stick with my T500rs for now. Not having a clutch is like having a girlfriend without arms. Yes theres less to deal with but theres always a feeling somethings missing and the couples annual egg and spoon race is ruined forever.

    But in all seriousness I get the 2 pedal arrangement for console gamers but does anyone else get the impression TM are moving towards suiting console players rather than PC simmers. A Fanatec CSW is expensive for sure but at least its not built like a product from Vtec and when you addon new pedals with clutch etc onto the plastic TM base it makes the CSW look more attractive to me both in terms of build and looks.
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  10. Fantec products look like business but they certainly have their fair share of reliability issue so while all that pretty aluminum in their pedals and wheel bases looks real nice, its hasn't proven to make them any more reliable. Ask any CSW owner or ClubSport v1 or V2 pedal owners.

    That being said, Thrustmaster has already decided that their ecosystem add-on program is their way going forward so while their newer wheels, the TX and T300RS have only a cheap 2 pedal system, they do offer a T3PA 3 pedal system for $99 which is quite affordable, and the TH8A shifter is coming this summer and I'm going to go ahead and predict that it will likely be $99 too which is affordable as well.
  11. Well my own personal experience with TM support has been nothing short of appalling but everyone has their own horror stories with any company. Dreading calling them for my out of the box faulty F1 rim. I have heard some Fanatec horror stories alright but they appear to be turning things around from what I hear.

    As for the T3PA again its plastic compared to the T500rs metal pedal set. Also they can't be inverted afaik. €99 is paying to replace their crap 2 pedal set you already paid for with the TX & now T300 with something which compared to the T500rs set its a step back imho. A used set of Clubsport V1's run just slightly more.

    Isn't the TH8A sporting a proprietary connector making it useless with any other wheel of if your wheel dies. Just got that from a bit of googling
  12. It plugs into the wheelbase which is a requirement from what I gathered for TX compatibility due to the way it carries the signal to the Xbox One.
  13. Yep I was thinking MS had something to do with making a mess of things. Its a strange world when Sony, once the masters of the insanely proprietary connector/format are the good guys and MS who let anyone join the windows party are making everything proprietary (see Kinect V2 for Windows which would have made a great racing head tracker but its $200 :(). I'll stick with USB on the TH8RS.
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