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new teams

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by malarky, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Hi folks,

    I am driving for Virgin at the moment and I'm on place number 6 in total.
    Now other teams are starting to get interest for me, such like HRT, Lotus and BMW Sauber.
    I've heard/read a lot about people who didn't accept any offers, and then the own team, Virgin in my case, doesn't offer you a new contract.
    I don't mind going to another team, but I really have the feeling none of these mentioned above are better than Virgin.
    Help please? :)
  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Sauber is a lot better than Virgin. Accept it while you still can :)
  3. Ok I will, although I'd rather join Force India or Williams. =P
    Eventually I'd like to end up in Mercedes, next to Schumacher.
  4. Accept the BMW Sauber offer and hold out for an offer from Mercedes. Use them as a stepping stone.

    I want to be in the Ferarri's simply because of its history.
  5. Hi

    All that counts is your rep level.
    First you have to diss your team in interviews then other teams get interested in you.
    Then you will see how much rep level you need currently for any of the interested teams.
    Once you reach that rep level you will most likely be offered a contract.
    All this at your agent.
    Alternativly you can later in the season usually challenge a opponent and by beating him in points in the championship you get offered his seat.

    Bear in mind that in order to get a contract extended at the end of a season you still have to have the rep level required for that team at that point.

    Ranking requirements (may vary from year to year):

    Team Ranking
    Mc Laren 35 40
    Ferrari 33 38
    Red Bull 32 35
    Mercedes 28 35
    Renault 28 32
    Williams 24 28
    Force India 19 21
    BMW Sauber 19 21
    Toro Rosso 17 17
    Lotus 8
    Virgin 7
    HRT 4
  6. Does the reputation reset after one season, or does it just go on?

    Thanks for the nice post, explains a lot.
  7. Hi

    Your rep level rises over the seasons. I am at mid season 6th year and just reached 40.
    At the higher level it starts to slow down pretty much.

    My career replevels:

    1st Seasson Virgin ranking 19
    2nd Season Toro Rosso ranking 25
    3rd Season Force India ranking 31
    4th Season Red Bull ranking 35
    5th season Mercedes ranking 38
    6th season Williams ranking 40 at the moment