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New Team to the World Trophy: Synergy F1

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ben Jacobs, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Hello there!

    Myself and Adam Bark are in the registration process for joining the World Trophy with our outfit 'Synergy F1' and I just wanted to say hello on the forums and give a brief bit of information!

    Team Name: Synergy F1 Team
    Team Owner: Adam Bark
    Drivers: Ben Jacobs
    Adam Bark

    Current League: World Trophy

    Essentially, we're two young drivers from England with a few years Sim-Racing experience who are looking to get settled into the FSR and have some good, fun, competitive racing. The remainder of this season should give us time to get settled within the League and provide us with a good base to be competitive in 2012, and we look forward to racing with you guys!

    Here's a quick preview of our Livery in its current state:

  2. Welcome and good luck guys :) liking the Spyker-ish livery :D
  3. We've got a couple more logos on it now ;) We went down the HRT route of using our names to fill up space!
  4. awesome car Adam cant wait to commentate on your first race best of luck and im looking forward to some great racing!
  5. Thanks guys!

    The Team's been approved and we're in the process of registering for the Trophy - If all goes to plan you should see both cars on the grid in Hungary! All kudos to Adam for painting such a brilliant livery :)
  6. Shame you guys arent racing at Germany? Surely you guys have enough time to get ready for that one :)
  7. Germany is still a maybe at the moment. Ben is on holiday at the moment and I'm moving around a lot due to family problems so we have limited testing time. We don't have much setup experience but Ben has been recruiting a third driver to help out and make absolutely sure we can field a full 2 car team for the remaining races.

    Hungary we definitely can do but we're both really excited and will try to make Germany too! :wink:
  8. We're still waiting on FSR to confirm the team a place in the League and I'm not sure how long that process takes. There's still a chance we could be at Germany, but I'm not keen on turning up at the last minute severely under-prepared, because we'd just create problems :p
  9. A quick update on our Livery!

  10. Nice car guys!! good luck from BBR :wink:
  11. Good luck guys!
  12. Thanks! Anybody know how long we can expect to wait until our team is accepted into the world trophy league?
  13. [​IMG]

    Our livery in it's final form with some changes!
  14. awesome !
  15. Hiya guys, my name is Harry Stride. Just want to let you all know I am a test driver for Syngergy F1. You won't ever see me on the grid because I don't do that kind of thing.
  16. Ignore, moved to different forum.