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Skins New Tatuus Formula Tire Textures! 1.0

Brand new tire textures!

  1. Jeffry in t Veld submitted a new resource:

    New Tatuus Formula Tire Textures! - Brand new tire textures!

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  2. Nice work!
    There is a small typo on the sidewall though - "for competition prpose only". ;)

  3. Take that up to Kunos, seeing i did not adjust anything on the side. :O_o:
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  4. That's strange, just checked all the official skins and the spelling is correct. :confused:
    As soon as I add your texture to any of the cars, "prpose" reappears and the culprit is "GOMMA_BASE2.dds".
  5. I just checked the source file i used for the tire, and it also have this error, pretty strange. Maybe the source is from a pre-patched version! If someone can send me a GOMMA_BASE2.dds with correct spelling i can update it!