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New pilot from france

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by manu68, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Hello everybody.
    My name is emmanuel. I am french.
    I am interested in Netkar pro since the beginning of this project, even I can't consider myself as an Hardcore online pilot. I can remember that all begun with Namie 0.99
    I have raced online "Hardcore" with Grand prix legend (rank -20, to give an idea of my level), within the french league F1legends. I have created the track Jops siffert with my friend Jackseller (this track is available for GPL, rfactor and GTL).
    I also have raced long endurance races with the mod GTP from Nascar 2003, with the OATAS League . (10h road america, Spa , pilot for the team JPS france).
    Since I have a kid and a family , I don't have time anymore to train and race regularly. I make it just for fun
    But I am a very big fan of Netkar pro, and I will give again try to race online with the 1.3 final (casual race, no championship)
    I have raced just a little online Netkar pro with GPchampionship (casual racing), but only until the Netkar pro 1.1. After that, I had some problems with the Version 1.3beta which didn't work on my PC, and I have to stop.

    Yesterday I have decided to try the final 1.3, and miracle, it seems to work !
    I will probably not race a lot with you, because I have so many things to do in the real life, but be sure that I will look carefully all that could be said here in the forum regarding Netkar pro.

    Best regards
  2. Hi :welcome:

    Quite a history there. Jops is one of my favourite GTL circuits :good:

    Hope you find some time for racing.
  3. Thanks. I am glad to see that the track was so good accepted in all the different simulations.
    The original one was made for GPL with Jackseller, the by far best modder for GPL. (F1legends.ch).
    After that, we made the conversion for Rfactor, GTR2 and GTL with the help of my friend Neel Jani.
    I have seen that the track is also available for other simulation, but I am not involved anymore.
    About two years ago, I have proposed to jaap Wandervort to make a version for netkar, because I think it could be a fantastic track for the F1600 and F1800. It will become maybe a reality with the Track editor. Who knows ?

    I have to remember here that this track was created in memory of my friend jops who died suddenly at the age of 40, in 2005 .
    He was a friend, and also a MONSTER simracer with a rank of -82 at GPL. He was probably of the few who could defeat people like Greger Huttu at GPL.
    Every race on this track help to keep alive the memory of this fantastic person. Keep on racing, and our initial goal with my friends from F1legends.ch will be reach.

  4. Yup, I know some of the story behind the track. It was used in a GTL league here last year, loved that turn 5 :)

    It would be a great addition to netkar, would work nicely with all non-winged cars. Vintage over that crest would be awesome.
  5. Welcome Manu68

    This is a friendly and casual racing invironment - I'm sure you will like it when you can find the time to race :)
  6. Salut Emmanuel. Bon retour sur nKPro