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New Monaco Layout?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Chris Cronshaw, May 28, 2012.

  1. Was looking on Google earth and was thinking that it would be cool and poss improve overtaking if they extended the circuit to this.

    The green line shows the current layout, and the red shows a way i think the could incorporate an extension and poss improve the racing on a circuit that is now clearly out dated for modern F1.

    Please excuse the crudity of the diagram I did it paint. This new layout would include 2 new hairpins, a chicane and a fast right hander that enters a 2nd tunnel.

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  2. Post some pictures of google street view, should give a better image if it´s doable or not.
    I´m all for it though :)
  3. Ok well I'll number the corners. For ease of reference when the street maps pics come.

    Sop the first chicane after the short straight from Rascasse will be turn 1
    The second chicane turn 2
    The left hander into the right hand loop will be turns 3 and 4
    The kink in the tunnel turn 5
    Left right chican out of the tunnel will be turn 6
    And the 2 hairpins at the end of the long straight turns 7 and 8 :)
  4. Here's turn 1. A right left chicane after Rascasse.

  5. Turn 2 a tight left right chicane at the end of a short straight.
    Planters and car will need moving LOL
  6. I looked at it with Street View and imo it's way to tight at some parts. Even for monaco

    For example if someone would crash in the tunnel the whole track would be blocked

    The last turn looks to slow for an F1 race, but you could use Av. du Port to get back to the Start/finmish straight.
  7. Aggggh! Some numpty put a big wall in the way leading upto turns 3 and 4.

    I will not be defeated though the Monaco Princa can knock that down lol.

    Turn 6 Tunnel kink. This would be a wicked corner reserved for the bravest of the brave!

  8. Yeah granted it would need work... Alot LOL. But would be wicked if it could be done.. This is all obviously a pipe dream.
    The back straight on the exit of the tunnel is extremely tight.
  9. Monaco is already dangerous enough as it is. I think the drivers would simply boycott the race if that tunnel was implemented.

    Plus, Monaco is just Monaco. It's historic. In my opinion, you can't just go and change it completely. I think that once a year, it's okay to have a track at which overtaking is simply impossible.

    And if you really have to, I'd rather just revert to the old layout with the very fast chicane after the tunnel (or just make it a straight entirely). That would make the straight long enough to allow overtaking into the next corner.

    Edit: Like this

    Perhaps open up the chicane even a bit more so you can stay on throttle.
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  10. Racing in Monaco is like trying to swim in a dish of soup. I like layout but i doubt it will improve anything.
  11. I don't think the 2 extra chicanes should be added (have a longer straight instead between them). Then for the final corner, turn right like showed in your first picture, however make it a fast right hander which rejoins at the start of the main straight and not add another hairpin.
  12. [​IMG]

    Yellow = Current Final Corners + Current Pit Entrance
    Green = My Proposed Final Corners + Pit Entrance

    PS: Ignore the Green Main Straight and Green straight before Rascasse :p
  13. Jesus H. Christ some of those Yachts are HUGE.