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New G27 settings after update..

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Greg Latty, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. I haven't seen this discussed yet but has anyone made any changes to their g27 setups with the latest update?Since i started from scratch, I still cant get this thing to feel "right".. I got rid of the side to side swaying by un-ticking centering spring strength but something is still off. Would anyone mind sharing their latest g27 setups? Has anyone tried playing with the 3 new ffb settings? What are your experiences? Im finding it a little hard to recover from the rear wheels losing grip due to a slight floaty feeling. (which ive seen mentioned in other posts)
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  2. It's not possible to get a solid G27 setup on R3E but you can get close minus the float/sway/center deadzone issue.

    I'm using centering spring in the game at 32%. It helps one some cars but not others. If you increase the force strength to eliminate center deadzone use lose detail in normal ffb.

    Sorry, hope somebody else can help more. I'm not holding out hope for the G27 on R3E anymore. It is what it is apparently.
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  3. Thank for the reply. Is this just a g27 problem? Or are other wheels affected by this as well?
  4. Mostly it's just a G27 although you'll hear about T300s, etc having center deadzone / float issues as well. But the G27 is particularly affected.
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  5. I found solution to make R3E wheel as good as Race07/GTR Evolution wheel, a huge difference can be done using all missing Race07 parameters and there's lots of parameters not included to R3E. But because these games using the same game engine so you can use the same parameters if you know or find a way to do it. Only problem I found was that the game overwrite parameters not recognized so you must set file's parameter ReadOnly="0" to ReadOnly="1" to keep these added extra parameters (tested this yesterday but only with old file, then one parameter removed by the game as the the game did not recognized it).

    Today I did more changes and added ReadOnly to 1 and game keep all added extra parameters. Tested Bathurst with very fast car and now the game is much more driveable so it works.

    Checked file after the driving and all extra parameters still left, car is much more driveable now.

    I shared my old file yesterday, that file not include these Race07 parameters I added today. I can't share this updated file and the reason is that you have to own your own copy of Race07/GTR Evolution to do this correction by yourself. I'm not sure if Sector3 did this wheel setting change on purpose but as the game is freeware so it's not full simulator like Race07, it's just the way to become familiar with sim racing and then you can buy Race07 and find more options and better more realistic simulator, thought.

    So floating is gone...yes it is! Wheel feels as good as it was in Race07 so it seeems this really works, if you can so please test this change and confirm this found, thanks!

    Please Sector3 tell us what is your policy about this, thanks! Why all those Race07 parameters missing? Because the game is free? But it's not totally free as you can buy more cars and tracks so also wheel should be as good as possible, but of course only after the first purchace :)
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  6. Well if this works, I'll need your address and I'm sending a honda civic wtcc 2013 shaped-cake to you
    Deff worth testing this. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I will pay whatever race 07 costs these days for those parameters... LOL
  8. Pleas post your rcs file
  9. That's a very good way of incurring in EULA infringements.
  10. What? Seriously? We're worrying about the legality of sharing rcs configuration parameters?
  11. Well technically you can't do what you want with what is installed on your pc. And this would be another file coming from another game and being applied to a different one...

    2.8 Restrictions.
    Customer shall not, nor permit any person (including any Authorized User) to: (i) reverse engineer, reverse compile, decrypt, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to derive the source code of the Licensed Software (except to the extent that this restriction is expressly prohibited by law); (ii) modify, translate, or create derivative works of the Licensed Software; (iii) sublicense, resell, rent, lease, distribute, market, commercialize, or otherwise transfer rights or usage to the Licensed Software (except as expressly permitted under this Agreement); (iv) remove, modify, or obscure any copyright notices or other proprietary notices or legends appearing on or in the Licensed Software, or any portion thereof; (v) transfer, use, or export the Licensed Software in violation of any applicable laws, rules, or regulations of any government or governmental agency; (vi) use the Licensed Software or any system services accessed through the Licensed Software to disrupt, disable, or otherwise harm the operations, software, hardware, equipment, and/or systems of a business, institution, or other entity, including, without limitation, exposing the business, institution, or other entity to any computer virus, trojan horse, or other harmful, disruptive, or unauthorized component; or (vii) embed the Licensed Software in any third-party applications, unless otherwise authorized in writing in advance by an officer of StataCorp.

    But maybe it's just me as I'm kind of a bit restrictive under this kind of things... :whistling:
  12. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium Member

    I wouldn't worry about it...
  13. Well I just tried it...
    - Made a copy of default R3E profile
    - Opened the old profile from GTR2 (not Race 07... don't know if I did good)
    - Opened the copy of default R3E profile
    - Started copy pasting code from GTR2 profile to R3E profile (overwriting and adding )
    - Saved and closed
    - Set it read only
    - Launched R3E
    - Set the SAME VALUES of my current R3E profile into my new modified default profile (so I could switch directly on track and tell the difference)

    To me... it makes the ffb better...! Less deadzone and more communications on the wheel rotation. I don't know... maybe it's a placebo effect? But the sensation is really different.
    Will test further tonight but this is really interesting.
  14. I can tell you it works :)
  15. Hopefully this is the answer to these problems I'm having!
  16. @Kimmo Kokkonen I'm gonna read carefully both .rcs tonight to see what parts are missing and which ones are there, but yeah my feeling with the g27 improved. So for the moment... thanks for sharing this!
  17. Hi all

    I am having more fundamental G27 problems since downloading the latest update (0.30.4181 March 31). For example at full throttle I am only getting about 60% (?) power, so I am just watching the field sail pass me on the straights...

    Is there any advice / instructions for recalibrating the G27 after an update?

    I was very happy with my wheel settings and operation prior the update.

    I noticed that when I started the game my wheel was recognised as a 'new device' and a default profile was set up.

    I don't have any Race 07 profiles.

    Any help or advice gratefully appreciated...
  18. Edit: removed incorrect information (images), those params found from R3E but there's different values, that makes the difference. So check Axis and FFB values from Race07 if you have issues, for me this corrected all issues and now the wheel is the same as it is in Race07.

    Will continue testing...

    I also found this information from here RD (not yet tested this one): I just raised brake sensitivity to 100% and steering to 75% and now I can drive those beasts a bit faster with almost completely reduced floating feeling.
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  19. thanks for all of the information so far everyone. Im going to try it out now
  20. not sure if its placebo or not but it feels pretty good already.