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New Formula wheel coming

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Tsfc, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    I know there are some custom wheel builders like Sam Maxwell, Steve Spenceley, Sala, and of course Simon (PSE) who do awesome work. I think Carsten Filmer as well now..

    Anyway just thought I would post this, I hear Sam Maxwell has a new f1 wheel coming out with the z1 integrated, but there was a post on another forum about these guys:


    They have a new formula rim coming out, have to say it looks decent. No idea of pricing. I imagine there's a lot if diy guys here or people who, if are into high end wheels, are going to go custom route from the guys mentioned above...but here is another option. Apparently their next stage is customizing this wheel as well.

    @AussieStig you should get in touch, mate. Never know, maybe they'll send you one to review here and on other forums :)
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  2. Already on it mate, thanks for the posting it here. I have mailed them so we shall see. Stay tuned.

    Cheers AussieStig

    @AussieStig you should get in touch, mate. Never know, maybe they'll send you one to review here and on other forums :)[/QUOTE]
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  3. I figured you'd already be on it, look forward to hear about pricing and options etc..not to mention the eventual review.

    Does anyone else have any formula rim sources they know of? Post here!
  4. Hey Tsfc, good news mate, I have had contact with Nikola and he has kindly offered me a wheel to test in the next few weeks.

    Stay tuned, cheers AussieStig

    Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 20.04.16.png
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  5. Yaaassss, that's great!

    I'm looking forward to this review
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  6. Hopefully it feels as good in hand as it looks in picture,

    I like the display, and the paddles. Seems like some "thing" is missing. I guess it all boils down to the $ticky
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  7. Sweet deals Aussie, If your going to test that in AC, for the LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT use the Lotus 125T, PLEASE o Please....wouldn't even consider that a F1 its sooo messed up (data wise)
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  8. Hey Moxley,

    No worries mate, I will probably use the new Formula Renault 3.5. a really cool mod for AC and the sounds are the dogs dangly bits for sure.

    Cheers AussieStig
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  9. It is my dream to drive this car in real life. Drool
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  10. good to hear, My suspension/physics guys are over at VS now, so will be guaranteed a quality mod overall. (3.5 isn't My guys ive worked with tho) Future projects will be however.

    PS If your testing with the PT-1000 and need the "hot fix" just look on the AC forum a few pages back, was posted by Misterbeam originally then again by Jrv01.
  11. Sup lads, apparently this wheel is finally ready for sale. @AussieStig hope to see a review on this bru!
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  12. Hey mate, there has been contact, hope to have it very soon, will keep you guys up to date :)
    Cheers AussieStig
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  13. Looks smashing :)

    I do wonder about that micro usb connector. Aren't you going to get disconnections
    mid corner this way? :p
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  14. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

    Looks sweet... offer Accuforce Pro Ready with USB pass-thru... than I'm in...
  15. Hi guys how do you contact the seller?
    I can't see a contact email on the rexing website?
    When will the wheel be purchasable etc

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  16. Hi Peter,

    Rexing tells me they are finalising some last minute adjustments to the software and testing the wheel. I hope to have a review unit soon, all things going well, I should have release info etc for the review. Will keep you posted mate.

    Cheers AussieStig
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  17. Someone above mentioned SimFai-solutions. Well I received my F1 rim from them a few months back... Totally awesome rim and beautiful craftsmanship from Leopoldo Ramirez... This is a work of art for sure. Additionally, I here they have another rim in build stage that the owner had to back out of. So if you contact them you may be able to get one quicker. I'll try to load some photos of my rig... Triple monitor, Accuforce, HPP pedals and of course, the new rim...
  18. image.jpg image.jpg
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  19. €1250 for the standard wheel apparently. You can get the one with all optionals for the same price with the offer they have on too from what i can see.

    It does look absolutely fantastic, but i couldn't justify spending quite that much on just a wheel.