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Netkar pro rank tool

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Jeff Fedorovich, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Has anybody here been able to get the netkar pro rank tool to work? I was wondering if you have been able to get it to work if you have any tips for me. Whenever I try to start it it say thats the rank took is not in the root folder. Do you know where is the root folder? Thanks.
  2. Hey Jeff,

    I use the server tool from here http://www.lastplace-racing.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=30&func=fileinfo&id=46 to setup the parameters for the server. So with both the server setup and Jaap's Rank tool files in the root of the NKPro folder you can save the server config (track and sessions) in the server tool and then launch the Rank tool from the button at the bottom. Then Press Start on the Rank tool and the server should start up.

    Note: You need to select one of the tracks and configurations supported by Jaap on his site for it to show up. (just look at the track records page and it shows you all the tracks and configurations)

    I didn't show the Sessions tab in this screen shot (or the admin password ;) ) but both need to be setup.
  3. great visual manual !!
  4. Thanks! definately helped!

    Just one more question though. What is the netkar "root" folder? Thanks.
  5. Hi Jeff,

    The netkar 'root' folder is the folder where you installed NetKar. By default I think it's 'C:\NKPro11' (although you can change it at time of installation). For example I changed mine to C:\NKPro12.

    'Root' refers to the base level of the specified folder (so inside that folder but no further down into any sub-folders.

    So if for example you have a folder structure like:

    C:\Program Files\Kunos\NKPro11\Tracks\Aviano\texture\

    The root of 'c:\' would mean put file straight into Local Disk 'C:\'

    The root of 'NKPro11' would mean put file straight into 'C:\Program Files\Kunos\NKPro11\'

    The root of 'Tracks' would be 'C:\Program Files\Kunos\NKPro11\Tracks\'


    Hope that helps
  6. Thank you sir. Yes it did help. :)
  7. Just uploaded my first lap time. Thanks alot guys for help!

    If you see a crazy swede doing donuts in a team El Guapo server it's me ;)