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Netkar needed improvements

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by justasimfan, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Hi there!
    I recently checked the latest test of netkar pro(as the older abbarth one).To be quite frank i did not followed netkar pro development since the days netkar pro was realeased.

    I didn't give any attention to it because i am not that much into open wheelers as i love normal real cars.

    To my surprise i was greatly impressed about the realistic feel netkar has and the infamous "flatspots" really add a sense of realism i only feel in real life.

    I liked the car models and the mechanical damage too.And sounds were probably the best i have heard of any sim (Even better than Gtr evo/race on )

    But i was let down by the overall graphics (lack of hand/suit animations,physics head movement,no bloom/hdr(neither time of day options),no 3d trees or 3d animated spectators/crews,no grass on terrain etc...)

    Also its a pity there still aren't any real normal cars (except the abbarth) and more tracks(including the infamous hill climb)

    A lot of people were talking about the FVA and the improvements it will bring to netkar.

    (i initially thought FVA was a free promotion made by ferrari in collaboration with Kunos with a later "full season" coming to netkar.I was wrong through still there may be some hope eventually netkar gets that content...maybe)

    Yet i was disappointed (from a graphically viewpoint ) from FVA improvements.

    Yes it has FINALLY some hand animations and physics based head movement (Through the fingers don't move while paddle shifting :( )

    And yes the laser scanned track(s) show incredible terrain detail.

    But still there is no grass over the terrain(something very easy),no 3d trees,no 3d animated spectators and crews,something that would bring life into the track.
    And even through netkar runs on a dx9 render still there are no bloom and hdr lighting effects implemented (as neither variable time of day options)....

    I do hope those things get eventually implemented as its a pity something with the core quality of netkar(that has physics miles ahead compared to other sims) is so much lacking on the graphics department.
  2. Aosta circuit has some grass and it is very beautiful.

    With addon tracks and probably some more coming, the number of tracks is quite good.

    It is true that it needs also addon cars to compete with rFactor/ GTR... :)

    The graphic quality is rather good compared to other sims. Bloom, HDR, and 3d animated spectator is not so important for me.

    With the limited workforce of Kunos we will never get Dirt 2 graphics...

    But for me a share set tool is a lot more important. It is so nice to be able to share sets easily in LFS.

    Kunos, please we need an ingame send setup feature.
  3. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    For me, considering the great physics, would be much more important to have more slots in the dedicated servers to organize bigger races and be able to use it in championships.
  4. Yes Aprost grass adds a lot of beauty to a track that why i want it fully implemented covering fully the terrain of netkar's tracks.Its very easy to implement as its nothing more than bunches of 3d bitmaps with variable scaling.At http://www.gamerendering.com/category/vegetation/
    there is a lot of help and ready to add code examples of waving grass.

    3d trees and 3d spectators/crews are also very easy to add (with the worst case scenario have them bought from 3d marketplaces like www.turbosquid.com ).The most time consuming work would be to fully animate them and there are code examples again here :

    They are worth the time as they would bring a lot of life to otherwise "dead" tracks.

    Volumetric smoke/particle effects are also quite easy to implement(see code examples on the above site)

    And as for bloom and hdr they are already features implemented in dx9 so its just a matter of time to write the code to use them properly.

    The only thing that i see would need a lot of work probably is real time lighting with variable changing times of day.Its a lot of work but can bring some amazing results as the longer races could start at morning and have slowly the sun risen or the opposite.Also with real time lighting you can make things like grass and trees look even more realistic.

    And yes....a few "normal" cars could bring a hell of a lot of people (that are not that into open wheelers) to netkar.Add the famous hillclimb and a few more tracks and netkar could become the dominant simulator.

    And i know Kunos has a small team but you really don't need a large team to make something really good looking.Yes Dirt 2 dx11 is incredible(tesselation,shader 4 etc..) but a lot of stuff can be done just as easily on dx9 as i described above.
  5. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    I can take the extra eye candy or leave it tbh. NKP for me is all about the physics, I only hope tha some of the core code improvements made in the making of FVA make their way back into the normal NKP release. Sure it would be nice to have licensed content but tbh that doesn't matter either. All the cars in NKP have real life counterparts, who cares if it carries the official name or not.

    Im with Xose. Some brushing up of the netcode and larger grids would really push it into a new place for me. Could be a catalist for propelling the popularity of the title too.
  6. imho the main improvement needed in game are:
    1) sector time are relevant difference respect best one
    2) larger grid

    some times ago I've put a "wish list" in KUNOS ufficial thread, we can do the same here collecting all your opinions, than I'll send all by @mail to Casillo, I can't guarantee he will take all into account :D but I'm sure he will read it

    so let's start here below to put some ideas by points, like I did above
    please realistic suggestion .... :cool:

  7. That's a very nice idea Alessandro ! :)
  8. CAR


    A few points have already been answered by Kunos on Driving Italia (so to repeat them here in case not everyone has seen them):
    • Grid sizes will not be increased. We don’t fill them up anyway in pickup racing, only in league events and PQ’s it a problem.
    • The hill climb add on; the Osella could be released tomorrow, but as Kunos doesn’t reckon it’s up to scratch visually or auditorily, he would only release it with the Trento-Bondone which would need a dedicated server mode for time trials (something that would take a while to code)*
    * My opinion’s that we would all happily tear up (or even down) there 15 at a time :p

    Netcode sure but it apparently has been a problem since day one :(

    Something does need to be done about sector times, for a start we need more than just a single split (three like in FVA would be nice), and as Alessandro suggests it would be good if it stored your PB as I have to check on the rank with combos I’ve not raced in a while :s

    P.S. Just remembered, didn't previous versions of nKPro at least store your lap record?

    PPS I don’t care about fancy graphics either, I have enough trouble running Aosta (and a couple of add-on tracks) as it’s.
  9. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Hi all, I havent been following nKPro news much recently, but for me the few things needed to bring nKPro to the masses is,

    1) Bigger grids, I mean 20+ competitors.

    2) Another Tintop, I love the Abarth, but a BMW-E92, Audi RS4 or even a AMG Merc in a TinTop would appeal to all that dont like the open wheel racing, which is the majority of simracers IMHO. I love a good door to door battle but the Abarth just doesnt quite cut it for me as a RACING car, probably due to its size and shape :).

    As far as Graphics and EyeCandy go, I dont care for it either way, I'm there to race not admire the 3D trees (no offence) and sure DiRT2 looks awesome I admit, but we're talking about Arcade game Vs Simulator theres no comparing the 2 IMO. Ive done dirt2 and although alot of fun, for me it's arcade, same as Grid and Shift. As long as my cockpit looks hot I'm happy besides I'm usually too focused on the tarmac to see the surroundings ;)
  10. 1) Graphics are not everything but Aviano far landscape is really too low resolution... It is ugly on my modest size screen, I can't imagine on a bigger one.

    2) Ingame setup share tool would be nice to be sure it is the driver that is ****, not the car...

    3) Would be nice to be able to see others racers inputs (brake, gas) when watching them live or on replay.

    4) When watching other cars in replay, it would be a lot better to hear their sounds not mine.

    5) Remove helps for keyboard racers (traction control and so on) and make wheel compulsory to play. Is nKpro a true and pro simulation or just an arcadish game for 5 year old (sorry if I get on the nerves on some people)? Knowing that some WRs are hold by keyboard players almost made me stop using nKpro and subscribe to iRacing lol
  11. CAR


    Was going to post this before (but forgot (sorry)) :s

    Culmone67 (who's working with RSR on Mugello) created some high resolution textures for Aviano.

    Also on your final point, it's one person who has managed to make the mouse/keyboard combo work, and as Kunos said if loads of people were using it only then would it really be a problem.
  12. Thanks for the link on textures.

    For key board and mouse racing, even if only one driver proves that keyboard is faster than wheel, I feel the whole soft is more arcade than anything else...
  13. CAR


    The thing's he wasn't fast straight away, for the first two GPC races last season he was in group C & B respectively, and then through setup and practice improved to be one of the quicker guys. Also he isn’t always quick from the start of an event either, he improves, and seems to be better with some combos than others (like the rest of us).