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Need thrustmaster T500 stiff brake mod (OEM)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Travis Hill, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. I recently bought a thrustmaster t500 ferrari F1 integral off amazon... was in great condition and works fine the only thing it's missing is the stiff brake mod that comes with the t500.

    After spending hours scouring the internet I cannot seem to find it for sale separately anywhere. Back in May there was talk of an official thrustmaster load cell mod but I can't find that either (I think it was just a rumor).
    I want to upgrade my t500 to a load cell brake pedal in the near future and all the kits install using the base plate off the OEM stiff brake mod that came with the t500 and without it I'm outta luck.
    Anyone know where I can get one, or anyone using like clubsport pedals and not need the brake mod anymore?
  2. You can get the realistic brake mod directly from thrustmaster support. I'm in Ireland and the total including shipping was 12 euro. I've seen people trying to sell them to others for 25 plus P+P so just go directly to the source
  3. Those bushings is superb. I just sold my Clubsport V2 though it mostly a matter of preference which is better of these two pedal sets :)

    You still need the stiff brake mod backplate though.
  4. @Pär Öqvist

    ... may I ask why you sold your V2?? I was planning of buying a set myself!
  5. Just preferred the T500RS pedals. Not better per see but they just integrate with my feet better and I love the smooth and progressive brake on it. The brake pedal action is actually smoother on my T500RS with bushings then the V2 which still is not bad of course. Both can be set up so I can relie on my muscle memory more then anything.

    Throttle is a bit smoother on the Clubsports and if you are a clutch user it´s much better there. But yes just personal preference I wouldn´t say the T500RS pedals are better though being much more dust proof is useful for me too.

    Just have to try both.
  6. lol ... this is not Norway, or where ever you are at ... mininum wage here is 600€ ... got to save one year to be able to buy a set of pedals .. no room for mistake! :D eheh
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  7. Didn't think my post was all that dislikeable. Compared to all those genocide allegations I thought I was being quite tame lately. :)
  8. hmm don´t quite follow now :)
  9. Ahh no worries. Just thought my tip on going to TM for the brake mod for €12 rather than spending 25 was a money saver so wasn't sure what the dislike rating was for. Just realised I misread it as coming from yourself. My sincere apologies. Random newbie disliking peeps instead. Sorry, entirely my fault.

    Off to get me a Basher Boards mod to make the pedals even better. Wish they made the rumoured official load cell mod :(.

    Just a tip if people are getting the Basherboards mod and later thinking of going for the Bodin Load Cell John Bodin posted on iSR on the 4th January you are entitled to a $10 discount if you are upgrading. Every penny counts.
  10. I never dislike posts. Not sure what this facebook stuff is for. What do I win if I get the most likes in 2014 ;)
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