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Need some help with rbr running funny..

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by thepaddiscuile, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Im having a strange issue with btb tracks running in rbr..
    once the tracks load and I start to move, the whole game becomes slightly slow and the terrain looks cloudy as if out of focus or sumthing, I say this is strange because every other mod works perfect, for example.. BTB tracks in RRSBR 2011 seem to run fine as do the Rbr Czech {wally} ones Ive tested..


    win xp 32 bit

    Pentium 3@ 3.0gz
    3gig ram

    ATI Radeon HD4600

    This could be a slow computer issue but I dont really know that's why I ask..
    I can still play the tracks but there is definately a lag of like a few milliseconds or something and the cloudy issue which really sukx :confused:


  2. Howya Patrick

    Well, in terms of the frame rate, could be a whole bunch of things. Are you specificily talking about bad performance with a track(s) you created? If so the problem is probably within your rbr track itself.
    The cloudy thing ive never heard or seen of.

    Is it possible to post a screenshot of the offending cloud issue, or even post a few second length video to see how bad this frame rate problem is.

    ps. irish?
  3. yo.. Pangaea

    yea haahaa Im as Irish as green fields and rainy days !! How did you guess ???

    anyways about that Rbr stuff, Nahh there not my tracks but just any tracks I download and play with Rbr like..
    They still run ok but defo a latency there that bugs the f**k outta me..
    with reguards the cloudy issue I kinda made a balls of explaning that, What its like is the anisotropic filtering seems to only slightly work, it makes the textures jagged looking which in turn affects the quality of the renders..

    I play the czech ones no problem and they look like original tracks to a fault, so why have glitchy looking gameplay from rx content tracks.. this is wrecking my head :[

    Update.. I tried rendering a few stills from ingame footage but it looks ok, you wouldnt be able to judge much from it !!
    vid program I use is **** aswel because I cant use it right.. turned out way worse than game is.. Sorry

    I dont know WTF goin on but It seems to me that my comp can handle BTB tracks because I play them on rsrbr and as stated the Czech ones work perfect.. Do I need any additional files to play rx content BTB tracks I Dunno.. like some texture thingys or feckin Ken block drift plugins, I dunno..
  4. oh, a wild lucky irish guess :) just south of dublin here myself.

    Well, not sure tbh.. have you tried an rbr specific forum? Here i guess you might not get the best advice since its in context to Btb more then anything.

    The only thing i can think of off hand, is that your rbr plugins are messed up somehow.
    If you installed all the latest 2010 mods.. did you make sure to completely wipe your hd of everything rbr related before re-installing everything? I had to do that to get it to install correctly. ( i mean make sure your 2009 installation + mods are properly un-installed)

    If you had a gfx profile running on your old installation, make a new one.
    Often windowed mode is problematic
    Not sure about the textures thing.
    You dont need any other plugins to play via rxplugin other then the rxplugin itself

    Im sure you`ll sort it eventually, took me a while to configure rbr then rbr mods correctly.

    last but not least.. get yourself a copy of btb.. the community needs another irish lad.

    PS. did you have a go at my Sugarloaf rally park yet?
  5. ahhh sweet man...
    You did that track..!!!! Yeah I spotted it miles away and instantly got it, didn't get a good shot of it because of that issue I speak of was rearing its ugly head in your tracks aswell. Loved the underground part though, Of course I speed right up and didn't bother to see the hard right on the exit.. Car turned into a steam train lol

    Not sure what you mean with regards GFX profile but alls I know is I wiped rbr already. only run czech plugin and btb tracks now, No rsrbr
    not using much mods either.. Cam hack, HDR mod and thats about it.

    Another thing that's messed up is the postprocess Graphics mod.. that doesn't work at all on the Btb stages.. Wen I press f12 I just get blue sky !!

    Id buy Btb probably if I could get this issue sorted as it would help extend the life of the sim.. Wouldnt mind making a few gravel bad lads to unleash the mk2 escort on.. ;]

    Ps.. Im living in Dublin too.. Northside Clontarf Area.