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Need some help again (trees, transparency)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by GTAce, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Hope I'm not annoying anyone, but like with the textures, I couldn't find a thread helping me.
    When I add trees, grass, or other 'fine' objects to my track in BTB and check the box that they should receive light, they look blocky and pixelated in the game itself:

    I didn't care before, but the better the track itself gets, the more it annoys me.
    I opened the Xpack with Xpacker and changed the transparency to Alpha instead of Chroma, but this only gives me massive clipping.

    Any idea how to change that? It's kinda dumb if they don't receive any light (like a lot of other objects already, where checking the box doesn't work).
  2. I'm actually surprised you don't got more problems, i think i've never seen such amount of dynamic shadows on gMotor2 before (btw, beautiful work mate, A-grade) .. I haven't met this problem before, anyone?
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  3. Track looks great :thumbsup: Haven't got a solution but I wanted to say it is good!
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  4. Haha, thanks guys.
    Well, I made a compromise. The blocky look helps to make the forest look more dense, but I changed the conifers so they don't receive any light. There aren't as many conifers on the track, so this works.