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Need Help!

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Charles Silver, May 14, 2014.

  1. I am working on a Drag Racing mod for RF 2 and I need a ton of help. I am not familiar with RF 2 modding. I can do the physics myself but when it comes to getting the car to show up in game at all I have no clue what to do. I need someone to show me step by step or someone wo would like to help out on the mod so I can have some help instead of just me and a 3d artist. I need to get one car in before the 17th of May to show to some investors that might want to help me build a full body simulator for it so if you can help please contact me soon!
  2. Did you see this resource? It contains everything for a whole car mod, 3d files, templates, sound etc etc. It could answer questions you might have.

    If you still need to create everything than I doubt you will make it before the may 17th.

    Do you have the official ISI tutorial, it helped me a lot.
    Car Modding Complete Tutorial v1.0 PDF | Download Max2010

    I cannot help you any further as I just don't have the time for it. Good luck!
  3. I have all the models and the physics but I will definitely use the LMS as a base but my main problem is getting all of it to work. For example I tried to change the tire location yesterday and it would no longer load in dev mode.
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  4. Make sure all pivot points of all 3D objects point to x=0, y=0 ,z=0
    Only the for the wheels is it different.
    - set the pivot point of the tire to the center of the tire, align the pivot points of the rim, brakedisc, disc glow, to the center of the tire. You got 4 tires, so each wheel has it's own pivot point. The calipers pivot points to x=0, y=0 ,z=0.

    In the hdv file set the wheel base and width to 0.

    If you make the export the meshes, make sure to keep the LOD IN and OUT which matches with the gen file.
    When working with the max, high, med low details you need to keep those in mind aswell.
  5. How do I know if the LOD IN and OUT are right? I used the ones from the rtrainer is that why the wheels are in a weird position
  6. If you use the LOD's as the rTrainer, the LOD's should be fine.

    If the wheels are not on the correct place: check the pivot points and hdv settings.
  7. Ok so it's going great I have gotten what I need to show up and work in cockpit view but in 3rd person it's only the body. Also how can I make the heat stay in the tires and make the tires have more traction with a certain amount of heat?
  8. That is in the tire construction... TGM files. If you know what tires you need there might be already tires out there created by ISI or by other modders.

    TireTool Quickstart v3.0 PDF
    TGM Tire Examples v0.7 Download
  9. What about the wheels and tires only showing up in cockpit view?
  10. Could be the gen file. How does it look in the spinner?

    Any screenies showing the problem?