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Need help with AMS

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by St3fan, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. St3fan


    I've made some posts on the Reiza forum for help, but I guess I should also post my questions here since there seem to be more people at RD.

    1st question is about DynHUD.
    I'm having trouble with DynHUD on my 5760*1080 triple setup. I made a screenshot under this resolution and put the screenshot in the DynHUD editor screenshot folder, and rename the screenshot file following the naming scheme of other files already in that folder. Then I use the editor and make my layout as shown below. However, when I launch the game, all the widgets are all on my center monitor.

    I have made all widgets' position using pixel as unit. In the overlay.ini file the resolution is also correct:
    All the widgets are indeed those I have chosen, and the font color, background color are also correct. However the location is wrong. Any tips?


    2nd question is about automatic steering wheel soft lock.

    I get sporadic steering lock issues.
    Example 1, If I finish a session with Formula V10 (360 degrees), and then I switch to Camaro SS (900 degrees), I can get 900 degrees soft lock in game correctly. However if I then switch back to Formula V10, the steering soft lock stays at 900, and my steering ratio will be wrong.

    Example 2, if the last time I play AMS I was driving Formula V10 with the correct 360 steering lock, the next time I launch AMS if I move my wheel more than 180 to one direction during loading screen, the soft lock will mess up and stay at 900 degrees.

    In general, the automatic steering lock feels very random. I have found this piece of code in controller.ini:
    Because there is hot key for resetting FFB, I'm assuming there should be some way to reset steering wheel range. I guess if I can reset the steering wheel range when I switch different cars, my problem will be solved. Any tips on that?
  2. I just make sure to manually center my steering wheel before starting/exiting sessions. It makes life a lot simpler. I do it out of habit (and OCD) but it prevents any problems with what you're describing.
  3. St3fan


    Even if I do that, when I switch cars the steering range doesn't always keep up. My finding of playing with wheel when the game loads stuff was done when I was testing and trying to figure out what's going on with the steering wheel settings. I've also got a friend who tells me that his G29 just doesn't have automatic steering range in AMS.
  4. I've got a G25, I'll try to reproduce the same behavior when I get home tonight. It could very well be happening to me too and I just didn't notice before.
  5. Sniper


    1st question. It cant be done , I tried and did exactly what you are doing with 5760 res and dynhud puts everything in the middle monitor. It only works if you turn off multiview
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  6. I can confirm that on the Formula 3 the steering lock goes past 360 on my G25. I usually drive the Lancer R and Mini Challenge so I didn't notice it until now.
  7. Okay, so I figured out the steering lock issue. I'm running AMS as Administrator since I'm using the Renovatio SRD Manager software and it runs as Administrator. When I run the Logitech Profiler as Administrator, the steering lock works perfectly every time. The only down side is that you can't have the Profiler auto launch on startup as Administrator, so you have to remember to manually close the Profiler and re-run as Administrator every time, but at least it works reliably for me now. Not sure if that'll solve your issue, but it did it for me.