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My lack of GTL racing :(

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Simon Bacon, May 20, 2009.

  1. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon
    Premium Member

    To all the fine GTL chaps here I think I need to apologise for my seeming lack of interest of late. As I explained to Stuart in a PM, real life is, for the moment, is taking up 99% of my time. A lot of pressure at work (some of it good/new responsibilities type way and some of it bad like long hours/unexpected O/T,no leave available type way.) I'm also planning my 'assault' on next year's MG Metro Cup, working up to taking my ARDS test (which is rapidly creeping up on me) and the inevitable influence of women (so far the fags are out the window, a quick pint is becoming a rarity and she's even got me running.:jaw:)
    So fellas, both new and old, I suppose I'm trying to say I'm pretty knackered a lot of the time atm. But I'm trying to keep my commitment to RDGTL going as much as I can until things settle down again. For the forseeable future that will probably mean RDHGP and the odd CotM race (although I'm trying to explain the allure of the Cortina:frusty:)

    If I am absent, rest assured it' not because I don't want to be here.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've got free hour to do some Imola practice,

    Simon :)
  2. I'm sure everyone understands your position Simon, you have been a loyal member of our GTL gentleman's club for a long time now.
    Sometimes real life priorities take over, it happens to all of us.
    Considering the pressures, stress, and variable hours of your job, we are thankful to see you as often as you can make it.
    Best of luck with your latest challenges, and we will treasure any spare time you can spend with us in GTL.
  3. Don't worry mate. In my opinion, real life should always be number 1. If Sim Racing begins to take that away, then it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate whats going on.

    It's always a pleasure to race with you, so whenever you can make it, make sure you do! :)
  4. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium Member

    I suppose I'm not helping that much whacking in the Lime Rock and Cadwell events as the first two CotM's, am I? :rotfl:
  5. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon
    Premium Member

    Evil Mr T.....quite evil:rotfl: Unfortunately I definitely can't come to Cadwell (favourite car on a circuit I always do well on) as it's my crewmate's birthday - and I really would come to an unfortunate demise if I ignored her requests to go out and celebrate. Prospects for LimeRock however are looking very good, won't sign in until nearer the day, just to make doubly sure, but it's looking good.:bang:
  6. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon
    Premium Member

    Well chaps I've been AWOL again, many apologies. I've rebuilt me rig in these credit crunch times to something a bit less power consuming, so that's my first excuse. However, my second excuse is a bit more relevant. Since February I've been having a few lessons at Brands Hatch, with some fantastic drivers, in one of their Meganes. To be honest since starting this sim racing has felt....well......different. Anyhow, on Tuesday (25/08) I finally took my ARDS test and passed....so I'm now a proud holder of a national B race license. Since then I've been busy trying to figure out where and when to give racing a go. Today, I tested out an MG Metro for next years MG Metro Cup and am really pleased to say I've bagged 3 drives at least for 2010 at Mallory, Cadwell and Brands. Between this and work I've not had much time for anything else - I'm a single man again :( - Hope you fellas understand it's not a lack of motivation, just time .... hoping to organize myself a bit better for Season 4.

    Simon :)
  7. Grats Simon, that's brilliant. And yeah I imagine after pounding round a circuit in real life, the pixel version is a bit "lacking" Still hope you find the time to come racing with us again in the league. :good:
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Oh crap :( Good luck recovering mate!!
  9. Best of British luck with the Real Life Racing, Simon.
    Look forward to seeing you whenever you can join us on the "less dangerous" virtual track.
  10. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon
    Premium Member

    Look forward to season 4, racing you fellas isn't "lacking", it's just when you drop (literally) down Paddock Hill in 4th for real - there is nothing else like it ;)
  11. We had indeed a great season, mate.
    Well, if i were you don't worry, haha. You've got a real R license now. Grats to that!! It must be amazing to hold that in yr hands.

    As long as you run the RDHGP with us i'm ok man. :)

    Keep it up:yo:
  12. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon
    Premium Member

    Been a very long time chaps, lots of changes here I see. Many apologies for dropping out of RD, everything kind of took a back seat for the past 6 months. Life has a way of throwing crap at you on every level and I sort of got hit with a big pile :) I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression and stress all at once as a result of many years bottling up emotions regarding my job, more importantly my father fell seriously ill around September 2009 and there were several occasions when I didn't think he'd see the new year. Although thankfully he is still here, the prognosis for the next two years is poor :-( So many months of counselling and treatment later, I am back to some sort of normality :) Hopefully things may start to improve now, I have my first competative race meeting to look forward to in July at Mallory Park, and finally decided to try and pull myself off the road at work and apply for a less demanding, comfy office role - exams next week!! As far as simracing is concerned, I stopped abruptly last year but finally dug out my G25 last week and reloaded GTL - was fantastic fun. Got a busy summer ahead and would dearly love to join a few meetings with you fellas but feel this would be unrealistic - one thing at a time and all that. I'll try and visit RD more from now on though! For those who still remember my name apologies again for disappearing - it was nothing personal!

    Simon. :)
  13. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium Member

    It's the Lesser-Spotted Bacon!

    Good to hear from you, mate. :good:

    Best of luck with race, job, dad etc. and hope to see you soon.
  14. simon!!!! good to read that you are well and ok. to be honest i was wondering where you diapperd. many things changed during this poeriod. gtl still rocks and a lot of new players joined. i wish that you could join some races. good to hear that you are fine and hope that things will improve for you andi your father. :thumb:
  15. Great to hear from you Simon, thanks for the update. Your absence is totally understandable, I hope things continue to improve in your life and I hope your Father has improved health.
    All the best mate, and I hope to see you racing with us in GTL sometime again. I always enjoy mixing it with you.
  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Welcome back Simon! Hopefully you will get some more sunshine in your life from now on! Good to hear you made a decision for a less demanding job, as long as you feel okay with that decision it was a wise one.
  17. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Nice to see an old face so to speak, welcome back fella. Hope you find your feet soon and get back to enjoying your racing :)
  18. Siiiiimon - good to hear from you :)

    Hope to see you about racing soon if you can :)
  19. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon
    Premium Member

    Thanks fellas for your understanding. Sure switching job roles will be for the best, although I will miss being on the road I think 10 years is about my limit. I'll still be able to practice what I do just more of a clinical lead role (and a stack of paperwork!!!) Will get back into the swing of GTL soon and be causing havoc online in the near future :) If anyones around Mallory Park on July 18th I'll be racing twice in the Ma5da championship, I know this clashes with the WTCC meet at Brands Hatch so I won't be there this year :-( See you on track soon.

    Simon :)
  20. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep
    Premium Member

    Hi Simon good to hear you are OK hope to see you on a virtual track again soon.

    O, an put a cam in your race car so we can all enjoy the race ( not able to make it to Mallory) good luck in the race Simon:cool: