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My entry for the Budget Car Comp - The xPlora

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Lipton, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. It sorta reminds me of a Merc.
    Very well made :)
  2. post a new link please
  3. The link is dead, please post a new link.
  4. i Second that
  5. Can add it to my Racer pages.. if Lipton agrees..
  6. darn it i missed the link again yup luth please add it to yer site hes alreadt requested a mirror
  7. Yeah.. he did.. here it is..
  8. 2o6


    Looks a bit odd......but It drives nice and is (as usual) very well done. Feels quick, looks realistic, and I love it.
  9. It's fun to drive but I have a few problems with it.

    A. Isn't it too light for its size? My 1994 Saturn SL2 (small plastic car lol) weighs 2395 pounds but your car weighs just a tad over that and it's much bigger. I think about 2600-2800 pounds would probably be more realistic.
    B. I think 114 feet from 60-0 is also kind of unrealistic for a vehicle of this size. The Nissan Cube is about the same size and it can only stop in 124 feet.
    C. I also noticed that the vehicle does have a plate when the rules state that "The Car must be legal. It needs plates, lights, and others."

    As I said above though it is still very fun to drive and it looks pretty cool :)
  10. An interesting design of car Lipton. The back looks a bit like a bmw x3 and the body a bit like a dodge caravan (late 90's). I would like to test drive this car, but the file limit for the car has been reached. Could it be rehosted please?
  11. Read the whole thread.. there might be mirror ;)
  12. The car has a place for the number plate on both the front and rear, I didn`t add one as I was out of inspiration by the time it came to adding number plates. If it is mandatory, I`ll add them.
  13. Thank you both Zhenshia and Luthobu for rehosting this car :).