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My Basement Rig

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jason Copp, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Figured I'd post some pictures of the home theatre / gaming rig I've put together in the basement. Three 50" Panasonic plasma's on a PC with crossfire 7970s running 5928x1080. Of course, you can watch a movie on the center screen only. The screens are on swivel mounts so they can move out of way of each other. The turntable is a Thorens, to a Sony receiver and the Axiom Epic 80 surround with double center channels. Rogers PVR and a few Xbox360s and a PS3 it round out. The cabinets are made out of Ikea lack tables that I cut into something functional and well-sized. Playseat and a logitech g25 is used for race games, or a Razor or xbox controllers to a PC interface for everything else. There's a rumblepack on the back of the seat. A Logitech Harmony remote controls most everything, including remote dimming lights. 14 power outlets and about 86' of HDMI, in wall speaker wire and a hardwired LAN connects everything. Thank Oden's beard for china ebay orders, princess auto and costco.

    Roll out storage for keyboard, mouse and controllers.

    The turntable shelf is also a roll out.


    F1 2012 from Codemasters. A pretty good sim considering its mass appeal. It's far from perfect but has a nice balance of playability vs difficulty. Richard Burns Rally is still my favorite though.


    When it's movie time, the middle screen pulls out 20" and the side screens recess to the wall, or they can all be pulled out even from the wall.


    Hope you enjoyed and it gives some ideas for others out there. Any questions, just ask.

    Now I hope to get down for some racing soon. I'm a licensed member, and own RBR, F1 2012, rFactor 2, Race and some others. I'm not really even sure where to go to get started though. Any pointers?
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  2. Veeeery impressive rig, well done. :thumbsup:

    Re the on-line racing suggestions, since you love RBR this one is obvious. Check out the Rally Club Events. There is also a RBR League if you are keen. You will need the RSRBR2013 Mod if you want to join the on-line Rallys.

    One Sim not mentioned, but have you tried GTL, it's a great game with the more classic older cars, but the FFB and driving feel is excellent, not unlike RBR). The GTL Club Events are very friendly and helpful if you prefer to start with more "relaxed" racing. ;)
  3. Yep, GTL isn't Eyefinity friendly, but I find Race 07 to have a similar feel and the steam version of Race works fine on triple screens. I bought the whole SimBin pack on Steam which was a rip off.. only Race 07 works, all the "add ons" were included as separate apps too, and GTL, GTR, etc don't work well. But Race 07 was worth it.

    I loved GPL back in the day, but it won't run at all. I'll give it another shot soon.

    rFactor2 isn't all I'd hoped.. yet. There is still time though.
  4. Nice setup man :thumbsup:
  5. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    Have you downloaded the re-release version of GPL? That version is supposed to be compatible with new hardware and OSs.
  6. We have lots of guys using triple screens with GTL, maybe you can ask about it in the GTL Forum if you are interested, I'm sure they would help.