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Multiple F1 2010 Installations? Is it possible

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Keith Windsor, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to have two separate installations of the game on one pc? I have different installs of rFactor, with different mods on. I'd like to have a clean install of F1 2010 for online use, and a second install to use various mods on. Anyone know if it can be done please?

  2. I dont know if it is possible. Is the game via Steam? If so then probably not. I guess you could create a second Steam account with a seperate install, but that would mean buying the game again.

    Could you create another user account on your PC, and try installing it there, ensuring that each install is only available to that user. Should give you two independant installs, but you may be tripped up on the serial number.

    Might be worth a try anyway!

    I thought it was just mods which gave you an unfair advantage that mean you couldnt do online with them installed (as opposed to just visually enhancing mods) and in my opinion, there isnt any point in using sticky kerbs, or 500 flashbacks in any game mode.

    I would say to use the RD mod manager (lets you enable/diable mod very easily) but I had a go with that last night and im rather embarrassed to say I couldnt fathom it out when trying to install the truelight mod with it, so I painstakingly had to replace each file!
  3. ok thanks for the reply anyway. I was just a bit concerned about messing up my clean install and affecting online play or my offline career, but I have now installed RD Mod Manager and it seems to work fine,
    (I tried to install versions under differne tuser accounts btw but the game obviously does a registrycheck as it just would not let me)