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MotoGP 14 Modding Requests Thread

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14 Mods' started by panande, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. panande


    I guess this thread was still missing ^^

    Big sponsorship change at LCR Honda. I think the new bike looks a bit odd, but I guess Im still acqainted to the old livery.
    Is anybody interest in doing this skin? :D
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  2. Can anybody create this Rossi helmet from 05 for the career X-lite model, or if possible in the Pista Gp (newer AGV model)? I would love to have some serious helmet game though.
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  3. Would someone be able to make a stability mod like in Moto 13?
    The one in 13 had incremental stability tiers that made the bikes act more realistic.
    Or Would someone be able to point me in the right direction to mod this for myself as I can use the Hex editor.
  4. Can somebody make Stefan Bradl Catalunya livery?
    Thank you!

  5. Another request!

    Can somebody make me a Career helmet, Rider model in .blend format, like last year?
    I would like to make some new skin, like Simoncelli, Tomizawa helmet, etc...
  6. A really cool mod would be - more tyre choices 3 or 4 types Super soft , soft, medium , hard.:alien:
    The damage model on the bikes could always do with a tweak as well .
  7. Hello,

    can somebody correct the Movistar Yamaha logo on the front windshield?
    And maybe make a bit other blue tone.

    Would be very nice. :)
  8. Hello!

    Can anybody mod the career helmets??? Like change the helmets to marquez's helmet, danny kent's helmet.. It would be nice! Thanks!
  9. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Can someone make this Helmet of Tommy Sykes?And-or-other custom helmets for career?And like for Motogp 13 an Kawasaki bike...:cool:
  10. realitychecked


    That does not work well in MotoGP games, you know, the models and tetxture UVs are different with each brand.
  11. Perhaps slapping different textures on current models might work?
  12. realitychecked


    Hm? The career helmet textures only work with X-Lite and Nolan textures from riders.
    Shoei has a different mapping on the front, for example.
  13. I see
  14. Is it possible to make all the classes run on all the tracks and it so how? (Moto3 @ Laguna) Please and thanks.
  15. Hi can someone please do a Marco Simoncelli helmet that you can use in Career mode? Someone did this for MotoGP 13 and I really loved it
  16. Hi can someone update the Aegerter livery from Indianapolis?[​IMG]
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  17. The only guy I really miss at MotoGP 14 is Casey Stoner. He belongs to the legends but I know his bike is too fast for this class. That's why I would love to see a livery of 2008 Casey Stoner for either Crutchlow's or Dovi's Ducati. That would be truly amazing :)
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  18. Oh thanks this is great! :)
    Of course it would be even better if someone picked up on it and added Casey's blue number 1, his suit and helmet but I really like this already! Where can I get this?? :)

    Oh and I'm a fool, of course the champion outfit Im looking for is the 08 livery ^^ But it doesn't really matter it's pretty close and Im very interested in the stuff you got there :)
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  19. rkh


    I second that request :)