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MotoGP 13: PC Demo Released

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Bram

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    Bram Hengeveld submitted a new blog post:

    MotoGP 13: PC Demo Released

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  2. i go test moto gp 13 ,,,
  3. Jon Turner

    Jon Turner

    please please please be nice
  4. just another milestone game, they are all the same, if you've played any motogp or sbk made by them you can see they havent really changed anything, gameplay is decent but ai is beyond terrible, always bumping into you like you are not on the track, on some corners they are to fast on some far to slow, all that with the graphics and sound from 2005 and the game somehow runs below 60 fps.
  5. loving it so far :)
  6. I felt a little bit strange also with the handling of the bike, but just the very first sensation, after some laps, i get into the game/bike handling and just have fun with it love the hard way of braking and all moviments of the rider on the bike...about "stupid AI" i have not the same opinion, at the start of the Race in Hard Level is a little bit strange with particularly most CRT's bikes, but after join "your group" the riders that are at your level it's all ok i think, riding between the front runners it's all diferente i just can feel it for few moments almost all 3rd lap but when the Race is getting exciting it ends :roflmao: so...Strange at the start because CRT's are slow, "useless" in real MotoGP Races and also in the game lool...So nice to ride against the Top Riders but the Race is really short.

    Play it in Hard Level looks good, hope a strong AI to enjoy offline aswell.
    Last MotoGP was a shame offline...

    Positive note for demo by me! :)
    Hoping and looking forward for full game, 21st is friday what a weekend is arriving! :rolleyes:
  7. This is an amazing game demo I was hooked right from the beginning.
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  8. the_sigman

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    I like it! I can't wait for the complete version! Does anyone know the price?
  9. Disappointed, everything on max settings, it looks nothing, NOTHING like the amazing screenshots, is this even the same game? might cancel preorder.

  10. thats interesting, for me this game has one of the worst AI i have ever seen in a racing game.
    i play on realistic difficulty and pro handling and i always finish in top3 in only 3 laps! in full race i would probably lap everyone 5 times. the main problem with AI is their driving line, its totally random and not realistic at all, they always go fast into the corner and slow out of the corner, whereas it should be the other way around.
  11. i still think motogp 2 was the best bike game for me. and that was on first xbox long time ago. the handling on all motogp's since then have not felt rite at all. but i'll still buy it and give it ago.
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  12. What about lap times...??
    For me PB 1:36.3 with Honda
    And 1:36.4 with Yamaha

    Playing in Pro Mode with Manual Gears and Tuck In
  13. Some great racing enjoying the demo. (=

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  14. I don't see the point of starting a new thread so I'll just ask here. HOW DO YOU RIDE THIS THING?

    I haven't watched MotoGP in years so excuse my ignorance. Of course, the problem is in me and I'm not blaming the game one bit as I think the game is realistic (I think) and I really enjoy games where a learning curve is present. It took me few races to realize that you have two brakes and that really helped me :D As a F1 fan I followed the same routine -> brake (tapping, not holding the rear brake), turn in, feather the throttle until it grips and floor is as soon as you have enough traction but it appears braking and turning it is better to be done simultaneously. So any tips how to play and stuff that are typical for MotoGP? When you transfer weight forward? My guess was in heaving braking zones but that actually flipped me. How do you work with the front and rear brake (hold/tap?)?
  15. Very very smooth with rear braking, and harder with the front trying to complete the brake before you lean to the turn, i think is it...i play with gamepad Pro Mode 0 aids just TCS normal in MotoGP13, with keyboard no way to play in Pro with everything manual i believe...
  16. sometimes i accelerate a bit while braking also!
  17. I play it on the xbox with a gamepad so the rear braking is a button (opposed to accelaration and front braking which are triggers) so I can just tap it multiple times (without holding it). Also, the rear brake could be used mid-corner as well. For inclined sections (second to last corner) I had to be very smooth on the front brakes or I'm flipping.

    My main problem is under braking. The AI seem to decrease speed much faster than me. And in T5 I almost always get both understeer and oversteer which saddens me as this is one of my favorite corners in F1 :D
  18. Did you tried the Technical Problems On??
    First time every bikes even me have got problems loool...now again too much bikes not classified...maybe something not very well done in the game, but...it's a little bit strange ^^
  19. Riding a bike is a lot harder than driving a F1 car in a sim. The secret is turn in, apex's and braking.
  20. By the way, MotoGP 08 on PC is still the best of all the bike racing sims. (not counting my heavily modded Microprose GP500 sim) .