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Mods Moto3 Riders Real Pace 0.5

It is only AI performance mod with fixed lap times of each track from Losail-Assen

  1. Jan Volenec submitted a new resource:

    Moto3 Riders Real Pace - It is only AI performance mod with fixed lap times of each track from Losail-Assen

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  2. Just to remeber... This took my a long time to make the best result right now...
    All skills are counted by REAL results in 2016 season and will be updated after each race
  3. I'm testing it
  4. Im playing it with your latest version and it is soooo good ...
  5. You mean the older one, you should try what I'm playing right now!;)
  6. When the pilot falls image is cut very fast, as I can do to see the complete accident appreciate an answer thanks
  7. There is no completeness... but you can make respawn time longer.
    There is an entry: component {RespawnParams}
    RespawnWaitTime and RespawnWaitTimeAI both are "3" by default... increase to maybe "15".
  8. Thank you very much for answering I'll try if it works
  9. What it has to do with my mod ?? :D
  10. Are you working for a motogp one?
  11. I need to finish Moto3, then it will be Moto3 Textures , Moto2 Real Pace, Moto2 Textures, MotoGP Real Pace, MotoGP Textures
  12. For 50 time ... I will do that :D
  13. The qualifications are virtually impossible to win, but when you go to the race is really too simple, the AI runs 10 seconds under the time they do in qualifying (this in realistic difficulty)
  14. It is maybe your problem because nobody have this issue :D sorry :D
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  15. I tried Spielberg Track, the AI and Me, we run in 1.39.150 ca. (we had aproximately the same time), while in the race, I stayed aproximately on the same time, while the AI ran 4/5 second slower

    EDIT: I really appreciate the fact that now the qualifications are really difficult, I mean I like it, there's some competition now, but I don't like the fact that the races are super easy to win even with the mod. (maybe I'm too gud? Kappa xD)
  16. Play with Physics mod by Giovaneveterano
    You can download it in WIP section
  17. I need to upload it as official mod on Racedepartment because almost everyone has the download link. That's not fair :D
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  18. You must put in mind that the pace of qualifications and the race are this way, cause in race you must save the tyres. If you running without tyre decay will be easy...
  19. well written mate ;)