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Misc more grip and less tire wear 1.0 2015-11-28

less tire wear for 3 to 5 rounds.

  1. You can have more info on how to reduce the wear ?
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  2. Is it possible to have less tyre wear without more grip? I find the grip fine the way it is.
  3. You can change the numbers yourself to see what is best for you.

    in f1compounds.vcmpd.erp :

    Change :all lines

    <WearRate value="0.00"/>
    <BlisterRate value="0"/>
    <MinBlisteringTemperature value="993.149994"/>
    <MaxBlisteringTemperature value="1003.149994"/>

    ORIGINAL:all lines

    <WearRate value="0.07"/>
    <BlisterRate value="0"/>
    <MinBlisteringTemperature value="393.149994"/>
    <MaxBlisteringTemperature value="403.149994"/>
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  4. What programs do you use to edit it? I do have the ERP exporter, but every time I try importing my changes they don't work.
  5. It seems not working for me. I ran in Monza having to do pitstop after same number of laps than before.
  6. Not working for me. In australia (williams) i must go to 4pitstops. earlier than i have i strategy and earlier than others drivers. after two laps i have yellow damage tires. help with that... ;/
  7. My game totally ****ed up. Cars just jumping on the track :D
  8. The same here. They are jumping on the track. :/
  9. Espagne Hamilton 15 Tours Moi avec Vettel 12 ou 13 Tours pour le premier arret au pit en légende en plus tu perd beaucoup trop de temps en fin de run avec les pneu usé il y du mieux trop d'écart encore avec les Mercedes
  10. ehm..what?
  11. Spain 15 Hamilton Vettel with Me Tours Tours 12 or 13 for the first pit stop at the legend and more you lose too much time in the end run with worn tires there are still too many of the best gap with Mercedes
  12. Can You Make This For F1 2016 ? pls