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Monza velodrome

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tomas Torasen, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Hi!
    I thought I remembered kunos showing us laser scanned previews of the old monza track with the velodrome/cambered part/turn. Then I found the pictures at assettocorsa.net still there. In game I see that the road indeed exist but is blocked off.

    Did he forget to make a layout for this part that is open or am I missing how to find it?

    If it is supposed to be blocked off, did any modder open it up? Should be pretty easy.
  2. I would like that too, for the 66 version at least. It wouldn't be suitable to race on Laser Scanned because its presently in no fit state to race on. Would make the most sense with some older cars. I think the reason it hasn't been modded is because it is an official track and noone wants to have their work compared to an existing official track.
  3. I converted some tracks for netKar. The way that worked it would be very easy to transport the track and just remove the barriers blocking that part But I dont know how it's done in AC. And I'm guessing it wouldnt be legal to modify original content. It's a shame though.
  4. Here is a version including the oval:

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  5. Chris 576

    Chris 576

    Even Tom Cruise can't do that...
  6. Majuh, Cool! That guy just needs to rename the track parts correctly and it will be possible to drive around.
  7. No, there simply is no mesh for the oval yet. They have to include it first before we can drive on it.
  8. I really hope/believe that Kunos will make this track availiable for us some day in a not so far future!
  9. When I bougth AC, I did it for the Lotus 49 and Monza oval. It was a huge disappointment to discover that it wasn't driveable.