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Tracks Monza GP (2 seasons, DRS) 1.05

Monza automobilista AMS DRS

  1. Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Monza GP (2 seasons, DRS) - Monza automobilista AMS DRS

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  2. Great! Thanks! And now on to spa?
  3. Please guys, take the tracks coming. I will release what I can, when I can. ;-)
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  4. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    Thank you Patrick! Can't wait to try when I come from work, looks great on the picts! :thumbsup:
  5. Your a bloody legend Paddy Boy :)
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  6. hex


    Patrick, you're stuff for a legend, man. Thanks so much.
  7. Amazing!!! As good as ever. You deserve a statue in the main square. :D
  8. possi75


    Wow, fantastic job as always... thx a lot... keep pushing Patrick :D;)
  9. I am going to download. Would love a 66's too. :inlove:
  10. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo

    Thank you Patrick! You're our hero. It's funny every time you release something people always ask for more. I guess you can try to take that as a compliment for the wonderful work.
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  11. Simply fantastic Patrick. Looks like you fixed that turn 1 chicane issue.
    I can now happily consider doing a full race distance here. This track is now in my top 5 for everything you've ever contributed.
  12. Looks great in 3D.
  13. Hi

    great version of the track

    One request is in a couple of places you can see under all the trees - this looks odd to have no vegetation under the trees (bushes / long grass etc).... any chance you could add some in those places

    Thanks for your great work
  14. any any chance of adding reflection to the glass on the main pit buildings and the two towers ???
  15. All is possible, only time is missing. I can't say this kind of details should be a priority for the moment but noted
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  16. Hi Patrick,

    doesnt work for me. I get an Error Message

    Error loading Texture TREELINE for Material TREELINE_A

    I hope you can fix it.

    Best Regards,
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Ok, I try