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Tracks Monaco Classics Track Update 1.0

Full Classic track update in HD

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  1. I have a doubt, but I think the answer is quite obvious, this new sponsors and textures are there even if I play with the 2013 season´s cars, right?
  2. not too sure go try it out ,,,:thumbsup:
  3. I dont have enough time right now, I have lots of exams, but when I finish them I will try it out;)
  4. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    Same textures for every season
  5. What I have done is copy my tracks folder with "2013 version tracks" and also have a copy of "classic version tracks" folder. When I decide which version I am gonna play then I just pop it in the game.

    I am only playing off-line so I can decide what suits me. Multiplayer has been the worst I have ever experienced for rammers. Good riddance to the bad rubbish and I hope no rammers download my work..............;)
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  6. Hello Guys,this track updates looks amazing but they don´t work for me.When i replace original tracks with these (im not stupid,i made backup) and start game,choose track,vehicle and start game it shows up loading and that is normal but it won´t load anymore.It is just stil loading there is a picture of racing and that´s all.It won´t start.