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Monaco 2012 Track.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Morgan Morand, May 8, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.
    I just tested the track and what i can say this is worst than 2011 track.

    1/ There is absolutely no grip, the car slides in 4 wheel everywhere, with different spring/differential it's the same. the worst is at la rascasse, you need to brake 200m before the corner or the car don't brake and goes wide into the wall.
    Impossible to drive, in my point of view.

    2/ the texture and the track is very ugly and unrealistic.
    Ok the 2011 track has very huge bump after st devote but the nouvelle chicane + rascasse is well designed.
    It looks the track is a conversion of PS2 game : the kerbs are bad designed, the second chicane is just the old with no wall in left.
    Everybody said to me the same.

    I donno but i want to see if somebody has the same opinion about this but for us at least, if the 2011 track isn't perfect, it is much accurate than this one.
    And the 2011 track has a good grip.
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    i need to do trackcams
    Is this 100% we use this track?
    There some things to adress........
    Just before the s1 split i think its casino squar there this bump that totally upsets the car
    Rest is all fine exiting tabac there is a invisable wall that also upsets the car
    Rest is ok to me to be honest please drivers give your opinons

    Cheers all,
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  3. Monaco being one of the greatest races on F1 calendar, I would rather not drive than drive on this heap of s..t version! I have never ever experience something as bad as this! Replace with something else, anything.
  4. Track is fine and drives fine with setup tweaks. Though some of the bumps could be better for the mod of course.
  5. There is a problem too with the start/finish straight line. at the right of the grid we have on wall some barriers which are a little exposed on track. and when we are near the right wall, the car touch it and fly...

  6. Left kerbs before the tunnel isn't working.
    Bump in the inside line at la rascasse.
  7. The 2011 track isn't an option because it's an illegal track conversion from Codemasters. All the Racedepartment leagues/administrators (including the supported leagues like FSR) agreeded to use only legal track versions.
  8. And some of those problems are mod-related problems rather than track issues. And if I am correct, you said this mod was almost perfect :)

    It looks like Lee Morris could drive properly in this track (same layout as our version).
  9. I tested the 2012 car with the 2011 track, and the car doesn't react the same. there is no comparaison.
    I think you know the car reaction depends of the track grip. :thumbsup: a car on ice is different with a car on glue
    I didn't know that it was a illegal conversion. so i know we will stay with this track, no worry. I thought it was a different choice.
  10. And no worry :) i have set-up the car already ( ok still in beta ;) ) i don't have this problems anymore. just the lack of grip and the material problem i wrote :)

  11. Surely there must be a better version, to many glitches and old parts of you ask me.
    SRZ is an other version aswel. This the old pit exit there, the one we have is bumpy and need to be taking with like 30km/h to avoid sliding away and cross the line.
    Atm i dont even wanna drive this track. I was really looking forward to this but now......
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  12. I kinda agree with Rob, this is probably the worst version of monaco i have ever seen. I really hope theres some kind of alternative that would be better for FSR. At the moment id rather not drive at all then test my ass off on this.
  13. I am agree with you too guys. Feel like driving Off-road car or something like that.
  14. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    I'm not driving here until it is fixed. Sliding in every second corner + yeah as Rob said there's a lot of old parts. I noticed it when I saw the sponsors on the track.
  15. With old parts i mean the barriers differences on some parts of the track. The biggest deal to me is just those glitched windows at the entry of the main straight.
  16. Funny how you all complain and yet no one has a suggestion for an improved version. The SRZ version is identical apart from the pit exit (no yellow line), meaning cars exit pits straight to driving line. This can create rather dangerous situations in the race, I'd prefer to use a dedicated pit exit, even if a bumpy one.

    If this is the worst Monaco version, why don't you give some feedback on the track we used in 2009-2010, can be downloaded from here.
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  17. The track could be drove in the race as it is no problem. No point complaining now as it won't be changed to another version as it's to late for that for a start. Only the casino bump and maybe the pit exit bump can be improved. The Mirror problem of course must be fixed as it's a major bug which would cause problems in the race.

    It's down to driver skill to adjust to the track. This is Monaco after all and a bit of driver skill is needed, no point just driving it sliding, crashing and giving up after a few laps, learn the track properly first and adjust accordingly, this track has always been about the challenge.
  18. k, no need for me to try older tracks as i dident said this was the worst one :p

    Anyway, it was just a dissapointment after driving last years one, cus the track from last year almost look exactly like the real monaco. That bumb at the top was not a problem for me. I tested this evening, and as expected it gets better if you get used to it. But thats just a fact in life. The casino bump is still tricky, it wil always be. I understand the decision for the pit exit. I tested it out the other way but that indeed would cause dangerous situations. If the pit exit bumbs cant be fixed so be it. Everyone has to deal with it in the end.
  19. I don't mind how the track looks, but i agree with the no grip statement, it feels like ice.
  20. It feels like all the tracks. The difference is that this track is all about low speed corners, unlike the last rounds...