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Momo Red Repair

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Craig Stevenson, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. The left paddle has stopped working on my mates Momo Red. I had a site bookmarked that had a guide that showed you how to strip the wheel down but the site is now dead. Anyone got a good link for a site that shows you how to dismantle the wheel and specifically to repair a paddle switch?

  2. the left paddle on my G25 has started playing up, not always down shifting.

    looking at my old Mono both that and the G25 have 6 alen bolts holding the wheel on. remove those and this exposes the paddle shift switches but be carefull the wires to the buttons are short.

    theres a picture here but it doesnt show much http://web.axelero.hu/mozso/momo_e3.html

    you can try spraying some contact cleaner, but i would try and remove the board and replace the switch, which you shoul dbe able to get from Maplins for a couple of quid.

    good luck
  3. Cheers Nigel. I have had the wheel front off my original G25 when the left button failed (seems to be a pattern here with the left-hand side), Logitech exchanged the wheel in that case. There are a few guides to dismantling the Momo Racing etc, are we saying they are all very similar in design\layout and parts?

    This Red Momo has sentimental value, I had it from new and used to play F1 2001 on it, I then passed it on to my mate when I got the G25 and he got in to Sim Racing, she is a little old now but I can't let my baby die :frown:

    If anyone has a none working Red Momo and would care to sell a paddle switch\PCB let me know.

    My mate does also have a Momo Racing so could the parts be taken from that?

  4. if you can strip it down to the board, wouldn`t it be easy to just unsolder the switch and replace it with a new one?
  5. Yeah probably mate, I'll see what he thinks when he takes front off.
  6. and while your there replace the right hand one to ;)
  7. MY RED MOMO FORCE FFEBACK ISNT WORKING WHEN I LIFT IT UP I CAN HERE SOMETHING BIG IN THERE LOOSE and moving around i am two scared two take it apart and it not work seeing this is my only wheel anybody have any info on how to take it apart and is it worth it..............