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Modmates TV Intro Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Kai Lohmann, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Modmates F1 2012 Video Intro MOD v 1.2

    Deleted cause of copyright issues.
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  2. the sky intro its block. is this intro?
    , by the way , great work!
  3. Thanks:)
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  4. Nah, its the extended version but mediafire doesnt like that..lol
    Will post fresh links today.
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  5. Fresh Links are added!
    Also i changed a bit the sound. Get it as long as you can guys!
  6. thanks. great job.:cool:
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  7. Just downloaded,just going to skim through the forums,then i'll try it,thanks.
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  8. try this ones, but no sound in "attract" file.:sick:
  9. I got sound all all 3 videos. You need to try them ingame for sure.
    Wich one gave you problems?
  10. Looks good and good job,...but to be honest I like original F1 2012 intro better. :D
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  11. Could you confirm you got sound also?
  12. Well, instead of changing the intros to other videos, I tried to disable them with empty .bik files, but also the "no intro" ones I've found didn't work. :( Any idea? I'd like to skip 'em. :)
  13. It will run through anyway, even if its blank. You need to skip it anyway.
    These was requested a while ago and you may try just the Sky intro movie wich is really brilliant and fantastic quality. The intro snippet is a bit lower in quality but i cannot find any better right now.
  14. With empty .bik files I had an infinite loop at the loading-screen and a bad background and with the other .bik files I've found I couldn't start the game (it crashed immediately). :(

    Codemasters should implement an option to skip intros automatically. ;)
  15. I thought this was the sky intro until I downloaded the mod. Any chance of doing this one? Please?
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  16. I genuinely apologise for that misunderstanding.. everything ok.once again thanks. just one question how do you convert the sound?:cool:
  17. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Yep, that video is just awesome and not too short and not too long, can you make a third version, please?
  18. Then show me that in a proper quality please then i do it.;)
    Ive searched a while for a proper one and came up with the actual. Its the one above ,just the extended HD version. So if anyone got a Video Min. 720p i appreciate it and will convert it .;)
  19. I'll look for it. Thanks Modmate.
  20. This one is 480p Not good enough?