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Modding Questions

Discussion in 'GRID 2 Mods' started by Dan Hawkins, May 20, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys

    Please post any Modding Questions in this thread, do not create individual threads.

    GRID2 Team
  2. Just received my oculus :thumbsup:
    Would be really nice if some one hacked up something. There are some opensource drivers but not yet working. If anyone finds a way. Let it know here!
  3. How would I go about increasing the number of laps?.
  4. MrPix

    Project Immersion

    Does any one know how to get to the cam files for the DLC cars:

    Headstart Pack (DLC)
    Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT

    McLaren Racing Pack (DLC)
    McLaren MP4-12C GT3

    GTR Racing Pack (DLC)
    Nissan GT-R Spec V

    IndyCar Pack (DLC)
    Dallara Indycar
  5. hi guys!
    i'm new here :)
    may ask you a question?? is it possible to edit or add new liveries in game??

    ps:sorry for my bad english :)
  6. Paul Walker
    Nissan GT-R Spec V (not sure with that) try it pls
    GRID 2\cars\gtr

    sorry dont know the other.
    can´t find the correct folders.

    you have to try cameras.xml in the folders, which you don´t know to which car it belongs.
    make a back up, edit the cameras.xml and look, if it has an effect in game.
    than try the next folders.

    Hope, I help you

  7. I think the files for DLC cars are in GRID 2/download folder.
    The problem is that those are packed in one .nefs file for each car and i still couldn't figure out how to unpack them.
  8. How do I add custom liveries? I've seen people do it but I'm not sure how

    Here's an example
  9. wow...that exactly what i mean....nobody know how to do this???
  10. MrPix

    Project Immersion

    Do you have a gtr folder... I don't... that's why I'm asking for advice... not guesses ... DOH!
  11. MrPix

    Project Immersion

    Yes, I know where those files are.... they are tiny too... so I figured that they are just like activations or something.... I was asking how to get the cam files.... still need to know for the DLC... thanks anyway!
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Thread containing no mods but questions merged into this questions thread
  13. Hello! How I can change some parameters of my cars in Grid2? I can't change acceleration or speed max in ai_vehicle_statistics so where I should do it? Help me! Thanks for all.
  14. Hi! I am new on this forum, and I would like to help on modding, I am not an expert, althought I would enjoy to work on it. I see that there is a bunch of people interested in modding and doing some great works. Contact me if you are working on some modding and need some help.
  15. I'm getting crazy * gg *
    I want to make images transparent sponsors, but how does that work with PS? But is determined again on the alpha channel, I have meanwhile learned hate :)
    Or is there already a mod that hides the sponsors, or am I missing an option that allows me no sponsors to ride on my car?
  16. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Either just rename the decals folder to decals1 or paint the alpha channel all black.

    Probably will muck up the savegame though.
  17. I will try your tips, thanks
    I will try your tips, thanks
  18. ReZ


    Hi :)

    1. can anyone tell me how to make Diff-Lock in normal Race Mode the same as in Drift Mode, working on a driftcar mod and it works good in driftmode, but in normal race there is not enough lock and the drifts end halfway round the corner cause only one wheel is spinning :(

    2. any chances to import Mount Haruna to Grid2 (maybe replace California?)
    3. same for car models (d1gp cars)? or maybe make the cars in singleplayer look like full tuned cars from multiplayer :) ???
  19. idk if this is possible, but could you import the models from F1 2012? I understand you cannot upload it for copyright reasons ;)
  20. hi, is there a way to lower the angle on the hood cam so it would look like the view is from the inside of the car not from the roof