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Mod to choose top 3 teams not working after patch 2

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Tobchina, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I had installed the mod to choose Ferrari to start the career, it was working fine before the installation of patch #2, after it, the top drivers are in the end of the grid and guys like D`Ambrosio, Trulli, etc. are in the top 5. As the download area is still not available, could someone tell me if had the same problem and if a fix is available?
  2. Yeah. It's because the PATCH overwrites the database.bin which you used to get the all teams mod... So maybe we can ask a modder to tell us what we need to write in the database.bin in order to get all team changable.
  3. When it comes to "f1teams" just look if all teams are in correct tier. Also check something like "tier cahracterisrtcs".
  4. I installed career mod after patching the game with second patch and I can't load my setups anymore.
    After having windows live stuff popped out it doesn't say "saving" when I choose to save but I can see it when I choose load setups.
    Once the game is restarted it's gone all the effort is vain.
  5. i have the all team choice file that came out right after the release of F1 2011.
    Works fine after patch #2
  6. Do you get AI issues with that mod? I want to start with Merc or Renault
  7. I don't know.
    I reinstalled F1 completely and didn't use it anymore.
    Now I can save setups again.