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Mix G25+G27?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by aawick1970, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. HI everyone,

    Happy new year to all, wishing it filled with lots of time racing!!

    I was wondering, has anyone tried or know if it is possible to use the Logitech G27 wheel but use the G25 shifter? I have just come into possession of the G27 from an unwanted gift but i much prefer the sequential shifter on the G25 for some cars.

    I guess i could always just try and see what happens!!

    Thanks guys and gals!!
  2. i dont believe it is compatable with the g27, but maybe this will help.....

    hi, i don't know if this fix with the rubber bands to turn the g27's h pattern shifter into a sequential one is of general knowledgement here. sorry if it is, haven't found any thread about this. i found this video on youtube showing how to do it and it is so easy it makes me smile. didn't had a chance to try it yet, cos i'll just have my wheel in the next week, but i don't see why wouldn't it work, and sharing the information won't hurt.

    just map upshifts to 4th gear and downshifts to 3rd, put the rubber bands and voilá!
  3. No, they aren't compatible. Different firmware on both wheel and shifter would make each not recognize each other.

    Hey Charlie!
  4. Ok thanks for the info guys..much appreciated
  5. Nice one Simracn. Thats a good mod huh? : )

    And its deffinately not compatible, I tried with my G25 peddles on a mates G27. Nada... : (
  6. from what i understand it is a cheap easy mod that works. i have a g25, so i dont know, but wanted to pass it on for info and a possible fix for sequential.
  7. OK many have asked and just about everywhere people say NO, so I did some tinkering as I upgraded from my second hand G25 to a new G27 (isn't ebay great) and I say YES.


    While the G25 to G27 Shifter Units are not directly compatible ie Plug into each other the method of making it so is so bloody simple it's laughable.

    Logitech must think all us racer's are rather stupid. I started investigating this since pots were not available from Logitec and I have since found a suitable replacements.

    Now apart from the obvious sequential mechanism components the electronics of the G25 and G27 Shift units are Electrically IDENTICAL in fact if you have the mechanism from an old G25 shifter then by drilling one hole for the LED and soldering in a micro switch to turn the LED on and switch the chip from 3rd and 4th to 1st and 2nd as shown on the Calibration GUI in Windows then you G27 Shift has morphed into a G25 .

    To get your G25 Shifter working as part of your G27 System all you need to do is a VERY basic rewire of the DB9 Socket on the Shifter Cable.

    As shown in the diagram below the G25 Plug is wired ever so slightly different with a jumper linking Pin 9 to Pin 1 and a Purple wire on Pin 7

    Where as the G27 has Pins 9 and 7 linked with the purple wire moved to Pin 1 .

    To make the G25 Shifter compatible with the G27 Wheel you remove the wire link from Pin 1 and solder it to Pin 7, linking Pins 9 and 7

    The Purple wire currently on Pin 7 gets soldered to Pin 1.

    Thats it your done.

    See the image below.


    If you want your G25 Shifter to work with the G27 Wheel you wire your G25 Shifter Cable as indicated in the bottom G27 Diagram.

    If you want your G27 Shifter to work with the G25 Wheel then re-wire the Plug on the G27 Shifter Cable as per the G25 Diagram.

    PLEASE bare in mind the Colour substitution difference between the G25 and G27
    Pin 5 G27 White = G25 Red
    Pin 9 G27 Red = G25 Black
    ALL other wire colours are identical and go to the exact same pins inside the Shifters.
  8. Great stuff! :)

    Many thanks ;)