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mistake 12002

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Eckhart von Glan, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. after the latest patch and after having bought two new items, i can no longer play the game. the moment i select e.g. "individual player" or "competition", it says "mistake 12002" "internet connectivity"
    anyone having the same problem? any known workaround?
  2. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
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  3. lol, just did, some german blokes really vent their anger at this exact problem. seems like sector3 are aware and working on it. will try the usual steam corrupted file thingy tonight, though that does not seem to be the problem.
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  4. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
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    Sector 503 is working hard to provide new numbers for the errors.
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  5. after the latest patch i have now finally been able to test the content i bought on black friday, the dreaded 12002 did not appear before the race session started. alas, it was back again after i tried to leave the race. As the problem was shifted by the patch I would put it down to an RRE problem rather than a steam problem
  6. back to square one, mistake 12002 stops me from entering any race session at all tonight. there is an added bug: I set up a single player race and when i am nearly done with all the settings the image wobbles a wee bit and suddenly i have a completely different set of settings, e.g. different car class, different track etc. happened twice, crazy. hope one day the game will be back to normal ...
  7. The settings automatically change when you choose a preset, so you should choose the preset you want first and then configure everything else if needed.
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  8. thx majuh, probably clicked it accidentally.

    There seems to be a curse on this game or my intsallation of it: tonight i can actually get the game running both in multiplayer and single player mode with little difficulty. however when i get on track, i switch manually into 1st, press the pedal, hear the motor revving but the car does not move a single inch? decidedly weird. before the latest patch this worked nicely and i did not chnage any setting. i used the 2016 audi tt, didn't buy the whole pack but just the one car/skin, it should still run shouldn't it? I can steer when my ai opponents give me a nudge as i stand blocking the start, i can shift and get motor noise fine i just do not move an inch. disconnected and reconnected wheel, changed wheel presets, remapped wheel. nothing doing.
    i have now spent about 150 mins on a "game" over the last three nights and enjoyed about 15 mins of it. crazy.
  9. Maybe this is a problem with your clutch or the Auto Clutch setting.
  10. man, I love the Driving in this game more than all the other sims, I just wish sector 3 realized what a gem they actually have and adjusted the pricing system to suit and fixed the bugs like this one, that fortunately i don't have, i've considered subbing here primarily for this game. With enough positive media exposure,fan reviews and different marketing strategy , I think RRE could easily become top dog in the sim market.
  11. Christian Moreau

    Christian Moreau
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    That's just the thing isn't it? The core of the game, is great. The handling in my opinion, is the most intuitive of all the big sims out there at the moment. The force feedback feels great, and the canned effects that they have added in really help you with that missing seat of your pants feeling.

    To be honest with you, before the November patch, I did not have an issue with the pricing model. Previously, when a new pack was released that included entirely new cars not previously in the game. You could purchase the entire pack at a discount getting you all the skins for that pack and saving a good 15-20% or so. Now, with some of the most recent packs, notably the X-Bow and new Audi TT Cup 2016, your only options are to either buy the premium pack with the discount for all the items you already own, or, buy them individually which is infinitely more expensive. I hope this is rectified in the coming month or two.

    Sector 3 has a lot of great things on the way for Raceroom. In the December patch (hopefully), we will get the introduction of more multiplayer race customization features for multiple race sessions, race by laps (for multiplayer), etc. Manual pit stops where you retain full control of your control are also expected to make it in.

    Also, we have 4 glorious GT3 cars on the way. :D They may take a while to get here, but I'm willing to wait, so long as they nail the handling and sound.

    On the surface, Raceroom is a great product. Of all the sims, it is probably the most intuitive once when it comes to jumping into a race. Yes, the tire model might not be quite there but I'm sure that is something that is being worked on for the future. Safety Rating have also been planned and should help further the R3E online experience and hopefully give it more exposure.

    With a smooth December patch and playing the right cars, I'm sure Sector 3 can propel Raceroom Racing Experience into 2017 with a bang, improve features that are currently lacking, and continue to excel in the things they do right. Ah yes, the glorious sounds! :p

    Here's a list of things that, in my opinion, show how solid the base game is.

    • Excellent sound design (inside/outside effects)
    • Responsive and intuitive handling
    • Well crafted tracks, even with the lack of laserscanning (atmosphere on these is fantastic)
    • IMO, the best version of the Nordschleife in a sim
    • Informative Force Feedback
    • Real world skins for nearly all classes
    • Massive list of cars (GT3, IMSO GTO, Modern and Classic DTMs, etc.)
    • Online competitions for bragging rights, and sometimes prizes
    • Online connectivity (when it works ;), P2P system with higher refresh rates makes close racing some of the best in any sim)
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  12. if this is the case it would be weird since i never even went close to these settings the last couple of weeks. will check, though.
  13. so, following majuh's lead i started the game again and went to the wheel and game settings. as expected it was set to manual gear but automatic clutch the ay i always set any game. i then went to test the clutch and - big surprise - all of a sudden it seems the game does not recognize my clutch pedal anymore. i haven't checked yet in other games whether this is a thrustmaster driver problem.
    what i did was: i assigned a random key on my keyboard to the clutch and - lo and behold - the game works fine again. had huge fun in a pack of 2016 audi tts at oschersleben afterwards, so thx majuh for showing me the way :) (i love forums ...)
  14. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
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