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Mini Cooper - Curitiba 06

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Maik Peters, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Curitiba is a new addition to the WTCC calendar so it presents a new challenge to all drivers and teams. It's a fast track, using parts of the Curitiba oval course and it has the longest straight of any track on the WTCC calendar.

    The layout and types of corners on the track is similar to Oschersleben, but Curitiba have more dramatic elevation changes. Especially the section between Entrada do Miolo and Pinheirhinho where well balanced cars and confident drivers can gain a serious advantage through the heavily banked turns.

    Curva de Vitoria has quite a bit of positive camber and your exit speed will carry though all the way down the straight. But go even 10 centimeters wide and you will wash out and end in the wall, there is only ONE line through this fast corner, so line up behind the car in front and slingshot past him down the straight.


    Laprecords are driven on Quali server (starttime 14:00)
    *Laprecord not driven on Quali server

    1:32.046 Canuck[BZH]
    1:32.065 TEAM SWE (Andy) *
    1:32.073 Sax
    1:32.121 Neo[RPM]
    1:32.100 WOOFER[RPM]
    1:32.309 #46Vale
    1:32.338 Baron-Rouge[BZH]
    1:32.364 Mark Reynolds
    1:32.426 Robbe[RPM]
    1:32.442 henY
    1:32.479 hudy[RPM]
    1:32.531 Syltas Grabb
    1:32.582 Gio
    1:32.654 Warren[RPM]
    1:32.703 Vopee[RPM]
    1:32.739 DJCuth
    1:32.896 Bram Hengeveld
    1:32.898 David Carcia

    1:33.035 WAKUWAKU[RPM]
    1:33.083 Jeffsan[BZH]
    1:33.400 Scyp[RPM]
    1:33.407 RaceHearT[RPM]
    1:33.450 Siggsy
    1:33.650 Lars Gerrit Korb
    1:33.819 mjs_racing UK

    1:34.198 Crazydoc[BZH]
    1:34.225 Wido[RPM]
    1:34.560 LuisR
    1:34.588 Ivan (NOR)
    1:34.765 Maxfra[BZH]
    1:35.048 dane[BZH]
    1:35.398 mallerd
  2. Hi,

    1:32.529 Canuck[BZH] mini#3 qualy server
  3. 1.33.248 Syltas Grabb - #25 (first training at the track). :laugh:
  4. Thought I'd better post this so that my new coach (Atti ,formerly Neo) can see that he is making progress with me.

    1:32.654 Warren[RPM] mini#4 qualy server

    Neo, this was my first attempt on the server, using your set-up and recommendations for Steering Rotation. Don't know if I can go better, but I'd be very happy to do this consistently.
  5. Yo, go Warren go! :)
  6. Nice 1 Warren, is this with cutting the chicane? To be honest, I can't get close without doing that?

    Current time for me is;

  7. Do you mean the turn 1 chicane?
    Not too sure Siggsy, maybe a bit. I was going close to the outside and occasionally I was pinged for cutting by the game, usually when I slightly missed the turn in point at the end of the straight. I didn't get any warning for this one though, but can't guarantee to have had two wheels on the tarmac. I think you have to cut this one a little.
    The sections that seem to give me the most grief are the sharp braking turn Pinheirinho, and the next chicane Essa de Alta. I gain or lose heaps there.
    Strangely enough, I was stuck at 1.33.2 until Neo gave me the advice about reducing my Steering Wheel Rotation to 180 deg, and I pulled 0.5 sec off immediately.
  8. Yes Warren, that chicane after the start finish straight is a bummer for losing time.

    Might try the 180 deg on the g25 as I think mine is currently set to 240 ish. I'm enjoying my taste of group 1 so far in this tournament and really want to stay there. Anything to make me go faster is needed lol :car:
  9. Just to be sure we are on the same wavelength, I was referring to the middle section of the track, the sharp left hander and the following high speed chicane. These seem to make or break my lap time, and if I miss the line fractionally, I can't recover any lost time.

    I previously had my G25 set to 320deg.
  10. Did not set a time as above yet on the quali server.. but coming close with a 1:32.5 :) 2nd sector still no good.. can win at least 0.3 there. mmmm training :)
  11. My trick for the lap beside that above mentioned parts: right hander after the back straight, if you take it from the inside instead of the rubbered ideal line, it is also around 0.2 sec off the laptime... 1 beer... :)

  12. Aha, yeah I know where you mean. Yes that left hander is a killer but really sets you up for the next set of turns. The 2nd turn of the long chicane catches me out too, often sliding off the track to the left when trying out faster speeds.

    Wow, 320deg means a lot of turning - as I am now using the paddles, I prefer not having to reposition my hands to turn, F1 style, so the 180deg sounds a good idea.
  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    1.32.8xx and i am already done after six laps :)
  14. 1:32.121 qualy server, somehow i just cant put together that 1:31 lap, it is in my hands, just not coming all together in 1 lap... well, anyhow, maybe then in the qualy on Thursday... :)
  15. Its in your blood :cool:
  16. Update with RPM.RACE.MINI.2 quali times! :)
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