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Mid Ohio track for Stockcar Extreme?!?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Raine Riihimäki, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Anyone know does it exist for this great simulator?
  2. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    You can find It at xtremfactor
  3. Yes there it was but I couldn't download it. Unauthorized access just popped when I tried to download. Is it safe site?
  4. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Yes it is
  5. Okay, thanks for the help! Not working, I give up. Hopefully it will come here to download. =)
  6. try a different browser. xtremfactor is very good. the have hundreds of mods for this game.
  7. Did that too and no help. Do you have to registrate there?
  8. i never registered. I just click on the mod I want, and scroll down to the bottom where it says "download" in red. Then it redirects you to an ad. you wait 5 seconds, then press "skip ad" on the top right and the download starts
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  9. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Just tried and it works.
    Beware that a new window opens, so that might give you troubles maybe.

    The version i downloaded (was on top of the 2nd page of GSCE track downloads) seems to have some geometry issues, tho. I think i spotted some places where you can see through the track.
  10. I have an issue with Xtremefactor, and I think it's an ISP thing. It gives me a 'site not installed' page from home - but I can access it from work without a problem. If I use Hola as a proxy, I can get onto the site.
  11. Yes that ISP thing is what I'm thinking now. So no mid-ohio for me now =D.
  12. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Send me a PM If you cant get the 2 versions
  13. Thanks a lot you all for help =). Got that track from Russ! Really awesome community!
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  14. glad you got it sorted... Now get out there and race on your shiny new track
  15. Glad you got it...Everyone here is always happy to help.
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  16. Bill Thayer

    Bill Thayer
    Premium Member

    I as well was having trouble login into xtemefactor with my regular browser, so I thought I would try
    using hola as a proxy and I got in....Thanks for all the posts, mat on post #11 was the one.
    Thanks again guys
  17. I tried also that Hola but it didn't help at all. Unauthorized access it says when trying to download.